May 11th, 2009


End of the work day

Why does it seem like, more often than not, we stop working for the day right exactly at the part where we're like, "But what happens next!?" Of course, this is easily rectified by continuing to work, but let's not be crazy.

Lots of random good stuff going on. They announced new Guests of Honor for Anime Expo, and it's looking like we chose the right time to get back into Trigun. The creator and the animation director! Wow! Kind of makes it a little sad that Johnny Yong Bosch ended up canceling, but he's the dub voice anyway.

Last night we upgraded our PS3 and watched Pinocchio. This time, we were most impressed with the "I've Got No Strings" sequence, because Pinocchio is made of adorable. It's just so great how they animate him. After he messes up, you can tell how embarrassed he is, and then when he gets more into the song, you can see his confidence go up until the audience laughs, and then he gets all nervous again like, "What did I do wrong?" I remember thinking like that when we were little. So cute♥

The movie also had me thinking about what it is I like about animated films over live action. Pinocchio was actually a big special effects movie back when it came out (1940-ish). Of course, now all the effects they use are either commonplace or have been replaced with something even more impressive, so that's why it's such a good thing that they don't focus on the special effects more than they do on telling a story. On the other hand, Tron spends a lot of time saying, "Look! We have computer graphics! Isn't that neat?" I don't know if that's a live action thing so much as just being Tron, but it's true that live action movies spend a lot of time showing the audience their impressive panoramic views. (I even remember watching On The Lot, the reality show where film directors competed, and the judges telling the contestants to pan out and show us impressive... backdrops? I don't remember exactly, but it was along those lines.) And when that happens, we tend to be like, "Oh, pretty! Now get on with it."

Animation doesn't seem to do that so much, despite the fact that all their backgrounds are actually a painting that somebody spent a lot of time on, while in a live action movie, all somebody had to do was get in a helicopter and point a camera. Even in Aladdin and The Hunchback of Notre Dame, where they specifically point out impressive views, they're only there for a couple of seconds before they move the story along.

Ah well, to each their own.

Today I'm thankful for tomorrow only being a day away, Pinocchio and his adorableness, consciences, the fun things we have to do before getting back to work tomorrow, and Trigun.