May 10th, 2009


Happy Mother's Day!

I think I mention this every year, but it deserves mentioning every year, so I will in fact mention it again. Our bishop likes to call Mother's Day "Daughter of God Day." Maybe "Daughters" (plural) day. We don't quite remember, but anyway, we think it's a good idea.

We are not spending Mother's Day with our mother this year, as indicated by the time stamp on this entry. Normally we would think it's strange that we haven't heard anything, since Steve made a big deal about it every year until now, but we overheard Mom telling one of our sisters that they wanted to make sure the brothers-in-law spent the day with their mothers. I could be really snide here and say that obviously sons are more important to mothers than daughters, but... well I guess I already did. Tee hee♥

Okay, that was really bad, and I apologize. But as you can see, I'm not apologetic enough to delete it. Anyway, we suspect that Mom would want to spend a nice relaxing day where she doesn't have to worry about entertaining people, and since we're not cooks, it's not like we could go over there and cook dinner for her, so it's probably just as well. We do need to call her and wish her a happy day though.

In other news, while searching for something to watch while we ate dinner last night, we came across the Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon, which of course we'd heard of but never seen. It was at the last five minutes, so we were right in time to catch the credits instead of being driven crazy by the voices and trying to figure out whom they belonged to. And *gasp!* Spider-Man was played by Josh Keaton! And now you're all like, "...who?" Josh Keaton played teenage Hercules in the Disney movie of the same title. This is big for us, because Hercules is one of our favorites♥ Also, Mr. Keaton happened to be in a movie with our dad. We never did see all of the movie, though. We started to watch it, but the movie got interrupted by somebody getting a phone call and we never ever got back to it.

I think it was an independent film, and it was called "Same River Twice," which made the Spectacular Spider-Man coincidence doubly !!!!-inducing when we watched the next episode, and the credits revealed that Irene Bedard was in it. And again, you're probably all like, "...who?" Ms. Bedard played Pocahontas! And of course we all know she sings "Just Around the River Bend," which starts out with the line, "What I love most about rivers is you can't step in the same river twice." !!!!

We amuse our ourselves. It keeps us from being bored.

As for the cartoon itself... we only saw one episode (and five minutes), so we can't say a whole lot but it seemed pretty average. We're not sure what it is about character designs these days. We suspect some people realize that the anime style's unusualness sells, but they can't figure out which part of the unusualness is appealing. But Peter himself looks pretty cute in his chibiness. The writing has some brilliant moments and some not so brilliant moments, and the acting could be better for the most part. Spider-Man himself delivers the lines really really well (in our opinion), which was surprising to me, because I always remember Herc's "Sorry Penelope" line and think there's something off about it.

And this has been your American anime geek out from the Twins.

Today I'm thankful for the absolutely adorable pose Oreo is in right now, getting to see the Spectacular Spider-Man, the Relief Society president not hating the fact that we're always upset about something when she comes into the library and being such a good listener, those Baked! Ruffles we had being nice and salty, and people complimenting our dresses in church today.