May 9th, 2009


Taking it easy.

We've been taking it easy today, because last night we were assaulted with the "there's no time for anything!!!!" bug? What do we call that? Ah well. At any rate, we decided there was no time for anything. And yet we decide to take it easy. How does that make sense? Well, in the crazy world of the Twins, we don't panic so much over things that need to get done. We just do them and they're done. It's all the things we don't need to get done that keep piling up. ...Well, those things and costume-making. And actually Kieli, but we'll be fixing that soonish. So we spent most of the day playing Haruka 4, but soon we'll be watching more Shugo Chara! I think. And we read some manga, which, come to think of it, is actually on the does need to get done list, but... well... it's fun anyway.

We did take care of one chore, actually. I called Comcast to cancel our service. I didn't mean to keep putting it off so long--we just kept getting distracted with things like video games and manga that we were sure we wouldn't have time for unless we did them right that very minute. That's also why we still haven't picked out our birthday presents from Han yet. We'll... do that later. Anyway, I finally called Comcast, and the guy was so nice, I felt really bad canceling. But! I stood firm! and we have canceled our Comcast, and they'll be sending us a box to send back the cable equipment in. Pre-paid and everything! Wow! And the whole thing had me thinking deep thoughts that I can't really bring together enough to explain. So I won't.

In the meantime, it's hot. But it's really pretty outside anyway. I like how the sun shines on our tree at this time of day.

Oh right, speaking of making costumes. We still haven't decided which characters we want to be for the Chrono Trigger group chibidrunksanzo has started up. Fortunately, Chrono Trigger costumes are very simple, and won't take too much time to make. We're thinking we'll be the two main girls on the party, Marle and Lucca, but someone else said maybe they would be Marle, in which case we could be Lucca and Ayla, unless the other person who was saying they might be Ayla decides they'll definitely be Ayla. With Lizvan, we'll already have a wig! But if there's an Ayla and a Lucca, we can be Marle and Queen Leene, but if there's an Ayla and a Marle, we'll need to get creative. And we really should speak about this directly to the people involved (partly because I'm sure most people not involved are confused by the whole thing), but they're never around when we're thinking about it. So here's our shout out! "Hey!"

Today I'm thankful for getting to take it easy today, our theory about the one character being right, people who are smart enough to get their ears pierced by professionals, having Baked! Ruffles, and not having to pay two cable bills.