May 3rd, 2009


The festivities come to a close...

So today is the last day of our birthday. We went to Mom's house for our second dinner, which was fun and not fun for varying reasons. First of all, I had a sore throat, which made me less than enthusiastic about talking, even though conversation is one of my favorite pastimes. When we got to Mom's house, Kimee was watching Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, because they were having a marathon leading up to the final five episodes. We love Foster's, but the selection of episodes wasn't our favorite (although the one with Imaginary Man is a classic), and sitting in front of the TV for too long tends to drain your energy, so we were kind of like zombies until we sat down for dinner.

One of our sisters showed up and said she'd talked to our home teacher, did we get it (the present), and he made her a bad sister (I guess by getting us a present when she did nothing). We didn't expect a present, so that's okay, but a "happy late birthday" would have been nice. She did remember right before we left to say as much, but right now I'm sulking so I say she's fired. It was just hard because here it was our birthday dinner, and yet nobody really seemed interested in anything we had to say. There was also a reference to a Saturday Night Live sketch that was obviously brought up because the speaker thought it was funny, but it had us pretty outraged. I refuse to say what it was though, because it doesn't deserve that much credit.

On the bright side, we got to eat a very yummy dinner, and then we got to watch Trigun! Yay! We had specifically rented Trigun from Netflix because when we watched it in college, the dub was all we had, which meant that 1)we'd seen the dub and tolerated it, and 2)we hadn't heard the Japanese version which would undoubtedly make it nearly impossible to ever enjoy the dub again. And because we could watch the dub of this series, we could show it to people who don't like reading for one reason or another. Thus we decided that that would be the movie we inflict on share with everyone on our birthday. We were sure people would enjoy it, but we kind of got the feeling the younger marrieds were kind of ignoring it. In retrospect, we could have said, "Yo. It's our birthday. Now shut up and watch the anime." But we don't want people to do stuff just because we told them to, because then they'll be upset and not enjoy it, and there's no point if they don't enjoy it. We want people to like the stuff we like because it's awesome, not because it was forced on them.

The people who were paying attention seemed to like it well enough, though Kimee was the only one to express an opinion (she loved it), but we didn't get to any of the serious plot stuff, so we think that's the last we'll be watching Trigun at their house. But we did remember how adorable Vash is, so we're wanting to buy our own copies if we can find any anymore. And even the people who weren't paying attention were burning with the question, "Why is it called Trigun?" Instead of admitting that we don't know, we should have told them they'll just have to watch and see if they could find out. Epimetheus.

After Trigun, Mom asked if we wanted to play another game (apparently Trigun was the first game). She gave us the option of two cards games or going home, and since we have negative interest in playing cards, we chose the latter option, especially because we were tired of the environment with everyone being kind of off in their own worlds. We were ready to come spend time with our imaginary friends. Kimee really wanted to play a game, though. I told her everyone was too divided to really enjoy a game, and she came up with exactly the answer we would have pre-jading. She said that we should play a game because it would bring everyone together. She made such a good point I almost gave in, but I lacked the will power to come up with a game I'd be interested in playing. Athena suggested teaming up for Trivial Pursuit, but Mom also seemed eager to get us home so she could prepare her seminary lesson for tomorrow, and nobody except Kimee was really paying attention to the exchange anyway. So we apologized, promised we'd play a game next time, and let Mom take us home.

And now I'm really tired and my throat still hurts, so it's time for us to go spend some time with our imaginary friends. Today I'm thankful for getting to eat hamburger biscuits, getting to watch Trigun again (we may go watch it in Japanese now), birthday cards from Dad, birthday cards from Leia (I forgot to mention those--on the way home she asked Han for a pen and started writing some stuff, then she asked how to spell Athena's name, and a few minutes later she presented each of us with a birthday card that was an origami kimono; they're very cute), and Gundam 00 now being available on Crunchyroll. Someday we'll start watching it.