May 2nd, 2009


Celebrate! part 2

I'm not sure how to start this entry again, so I'll just jump right into it.

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And then yesterday, we got the best birthday present in the form of nothing to do with our actual birthday. CMX e-mailed saying they'll need summaries soon, which means they'll be sending us the continuations of a couple serieseses, one of which we have been waiting a veeeeeerrry long time to read. So that's very exciting, but I'm not sure how much I'm allowed to talk about it, so I remain cryptic for now. Though it's probably fine to say what they are, since both of those titles are in current release. Ah well, it can be fun to be mysterious.

Today I'm thankful for having more pretzel crackers, making it back safely from Disneyland (we're pretty sure neither of us contracted the swine flu), finally finally finally getting to read volume nine, Peter Pan and Wendy swing dancing (they didn't do any of the fancy moves the dancer dancers were doing, but it was still adorable), and dancers from the parade wishing us a happy birthday.

Oh that's another thing that was unusual! Since they have the "get in free on your birthday" thing, more people are going around wearing the buttons that say it's your birthday, so we saw a ton of people who have the same birthday as us. We always knew it was a popular birthday (it is the best day of the year *grin*), but most of the other people we knew with our birthday were female, so it was interesting to see how many guys share our birthday. It was also weird to have so many people have our birthday in the same place. It kind of takes away the specialness, only not somehow. It's hard to explain.