May 1st, 2009



We're back and we're sore. And I think I sunburned my nose. That's what I get for being like, "Eh, it's not summer yet." But yesterday was pretty awesome despite being completely exhausting. There's a reason we keep doing this stuff even when it makes us so tired.

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I thought I would write about the whole day, but I've been here for a while now. I guess the whole thing is kind of rambly. Anyway, there were a couple things I still want to talk about in depth, but I'm going to save those for tomorrow.

Today I'm thankful for having an awesome birthday at Disneyland, no expiration dates on the Birthday Fun Card(tm), getting to see the changes in It's a Small World (we should have looked for a survey person so we could talk about it to them), the lines being all pretty short (except for Peter Pan's Flight, sadly, but we went on it anyway, and it wasn't super long, just long), and oh right! all the birthday wishes we got from everybody. Thank you all so much!!