April 17th, 2009

kid flash

When it rains...

We finally got an assignment yesterday! Yay! It wasn't the assignment we expected, but we happened to find ourselves in a Barnes & Noble today, and then it all made sense. Yes, that's right, the day we finally have work is the day we have something to do that's not work. Mom got back from LA last night, and decided to spend today going around doing errand-type things, so she called to invite us to join her. And since we've been starved for human interaction, we agreed. It's kind of weird to start a new book on Friday anyway. That doesn't mean we didn't, though. There was kind of a lot of time before Mom could leave the house (she had to wait for Sarah's husband to return her Costco card), so we figured we might as well be productive and almost finished the first chapter. We only have a few pages left, so we might finish it when we're done updating LiveJournal, or we might decide we don't care that much.

While we waited for Mom to arrive, we got a call from AT&T (I probably wouldn't have picked it up except that I thought it was Mom calling to let us know she was here). Apparently they have fiber-optic digital TV available in our area now, so they were offering us a TV package. We recently decided we no longer have a use for Comcast (GSN changed their schedule so it's not as easy to watch Family Feud, and they took I Dream of Jeannie off of On Demand (apparently it's not in demand! Aaaah ha ha... ha...); everything else we watch is local network TV), so I figured if the price is right, we might as well switch. He found out we're anime fans and revealed that they might have some anime packages, but while he was looking them up to see if we could get subtitled stuff, the call waiting went off, so as soon as he came back, I had to tell him we were leaving. He said he'd call back later, and I actually hope he does, because this has me intrigued.

We got in Mom's truck, and our first stop was Costco. Our ward activities committee has been telling us for a while now about this service project they've been planning for tomorrow, where they're going to go to a home for abused women and children and "do things they can't do for themselves." That's as specific as it got--we don't know what exactly will be done. But regardless, we decided to use the fact that we can't drive as an excuse not to go, because places like that make us very very very nervous. But today we came to find out that apparently the whole stake is in on helping this organization, and Mom's ward is donating paper goods. So we went with Mom to Costco to purchase some toilet paper and facial tissue. We also bought some vitamins and a bucket of cookie dough for ourselves. Or actually Mom bought them. Maybe tomorrow we'll ask her how much they cost and pay her back.

After that, we met up with Sarah, who had gotten off work early, and Mom treated us all to lunch at Chick Fil-A (or whatever that place is called). Apparently they teach all of their employees to say, "It's my pleasure!" We're not sure if that's nice or creepy, but we'll go with nice. And their chicken nuggets are really good.

Jo-Ann's happened to be across the parking lot, but we still weren't ready to commit to buying any fabric for the flowers on Lizvan's cape. Athena really wants casa satin, but they didn't have any in the right color. But we did buy a pompom maker for Atsumori's kiku thingie things. We also got a tiny little plush turtle that we named Tama after the turtle in Love Hina. And at the cutting counter, when I told the girl we were making costumes, she asked if they were Renaissance, and I said, "No, sort of Heian Japan and sort of fantasy," and she got really excited because her friend cosplays. She told us about the armor her friend made out of cardboard, so we told her about Amethyst Angel and craft foam, and she wrote down the name so she can use Google to find the craft foam armor tutorials, and we were happy because we got to help somebody. Yay!

We found Mom and Sarah in the yarn section, and since they were taking so long to choose yarn, we considered the possibility of one of us learning to knit well enough to make Shion's sweater so we can cosplay Shion and Mion from Higurashi. We keep thinking about finding a picture and asking if any of our knitting friends would be willing to knit it for us (of course we would pay for it), but we're too lazy to really search for a good picture. If only volume two of the Cotton Drifting Arc manga was out...  Nope, we just checked Amazon Japan and that cover doesn't work as well as we thought. Ah well.

After they decided what yarn they wanted, we paid for our stuff and headed to Barnes & Noble, where they had shiny transparent 3-D puzzles that we really really wanted, but we couldn't decide between the pink heart or the diamond, and they were eleven dollars each, and we didn't really need them, so we decided to pass on both and maybe if we ever get to Barnes & Noble again we'll either have more money or know which one we want.

And now we're home and we have updated LiveJournal and I still haven't decided whether it would be best to finish translating that chapter or not, but I'm leaning towards not going to happen.

Today I'm thankful for getting an assignment, getting chances to help people, today being a day of people recognizing the anime keywords, having a bucket of cookie dough (though it got left at Mom's place; we'll have to get it tomorrow), and getting to eat at Chick Fil-A (or however they spell their name).