April 11th, 2009


Surprise productivity

We were planning on being complete slackers today, but instead, we cleaned a part of the living room that, being a convenient nook for tossing stuff, had been in need of organization for a long time! Yay! Of course, the area around the piano still has a bunch of stuff (it's also a convenient nook for tossing stuff; we always knew having a couch where we have one would be dangerous), but we have made Progress and that's the important thing. Especially when we were planning on making none. Yay!

Anyway, yesterday, since we finished work early and we were waiting for the episode of FullMetal Alchemist to load ever sooooo slooowly (but at least it's there, so we can't complain too much), we decided to check out Hakusensha's website and see what there was to see. We had actually meant to do that a few days ago, but we only got as far as discovering that oh my goodness volume three of "with!!" is out and we neeeeeeeed it before getting distracted. So it was the perfect opportunity to go back, and that's just what we did! And what did we discover? ...(ellipsis for trying and failing to remember something) One of the magazines (probably Hana to Yume?) will be running something by Banri Hidaka! Yay! And what is that something? Berry Berry (or possibly Very Very, now that we think of it, or maybe even Very Berry or Berry Very (which wouldn't make any sense)), her series about twins! Yay! So maybe sometime soon it will come out as a tankoubon and we'll finally get to read it! Very exciting.
[EDIT: lyschan pointed out that what we were looking at was actually a list of special 35th anniversary library cards they're giving away, so no new Berry Berry, alas. We'll just have to keep waiting.]

In the meantime, we are anxiously awaiting the time we can get our PS3 to a point where we can use it again. Fortunately Dissidia Final Fantasy is very shiny and distracting. But we keep going to Crunchyroll and looking at our Neo Angelique wallpaper (I guess we did that one to ourselves, but it's so shiny!) and being reminded of the shiny Neo Romance games that we want to play. All in good time, I guess.

And wow, tomorrow is Easter! We actually had no idea when it would be this year, until sometime during the week we were like, "Oh hey, shouldn't Easter be happening at some point?" So we looked it up on Wikipedia because we are so far estranged from the rest of the world that we've hardly seen any ads or anything indicating it coming up. Except that they were selling chocolate bunnies at the airport, Athena points out. I don't even remember seeing them. Wow.

Today I'm thankful for that phone call I just got telling me what hymns to practice for church tomorrow, that phone call not being a solicitor, surprise productivity, not having to go to the 7-11 this weekend, and Easter!