April 8th, 2009


Detour Day the Second

Today is one of those days where there was a bunch of potential excitingness going on, but then it decided to wait, so the excitement has kind of gone away, and then you remember it, but now it's more impatience than excitement. Last night, we decided to e-mail Crunchyroll, offering our services as translators. While we were at it, we also e-mailed umadoshi, and by the time we were done with that, not only did we have an e-mail from Crunchyroll, but also a response from our friend in Japan, whom we had e-mailed earlier. The one from Crunchyroll was just to let us know which address we really wanted to send our inquiry to (and was very friendly, with a "Good luck!!" at the end), and the one from our friend in Japan nearly gave us heart attacks.

See, while we did e-mail him to finally respond to the e-mail he'd sent us like two weeks ago, we also asked him a favor. Saiyuki: The Musical (as I have arbitrarily translated the title) came out on DVD in January, but we don't have it yet because they only sell it at Animate. He had offered more than once to buy us anything, so when he e-mailed again on his return from the Tokyo Anime Fair, we decided to take him up on his offer. And then we got distracted with costume-making. But since we were doing non-work-related productive things yesterday, we remembered. And, as I already mentioned, we got a response very quickly. It was very short, and said, "I'm working in Akihabara today, so I'll pick it up at lunch time. Is there anything else you want?" Hence the very much excitement.

We were actually kind of shocked for a couple of reasons. For some reason, we tend to be shocked when people are that nice to us. (This is also why I was a little shocked when Kat and Maya told us they were worried when our flight got delayed so long. Clearly, we have much damage. Or we're just so mean ourselves that we don't understand niceness in others.) And second, we had spent so long being unable to obtain the DVD in question that we were kind of starting to believe it didn't really exist or something. We e-mailed him back right away to say that no, the one DVD is enough, but we haven't heard from him since (I say, as if it's been such a long time).

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And that all turned out to be plenty long enough, so Sunday shall wait for a later post. Also I need to remember to talk about us being on YouTube. Today I'm thankful for Con Suite, our friend in Japan being awesome, a pair o' ducks, friends to supply the puns, and getting to translate manga today.