March 30th, 2009


Cosplay non-progress

Today is one of those days where we felt like we spent it all working and yet didn't get anything done. Part of the problem is the same problem we always have when making costumes: as soon as I spread out fabric to start cutting, Oreo comes along and lies on top of it. He's a big cat and pretty hard to move, but I'd probably be able to do it anyway if he didn't just look so happy when he was there. And if I only laid out fabric to make costumes and he only gets to lie on top of it at those times, then I want to at least let him have that little bit of time to lie on the fabric. So I get out some other fabric to start cutting, and then he shifts so he's on top of both. Oh, but he's so cute. Too cute. Literally.

Athena's been working on the decorative bits, but we keep running into snags there, too. Like the one color paint works exactly the way we want the other color to work and vice versa. And Atsumori's got a designy thing that involves math. I guess it doesn't necessarily involve math, but that's the best way to get exactness, so that's what she uses.

Of course, we're still missing the materials we need for some very important parts of the costumes, so whether or not we finish kind of all depends on whether or not we can get to a fabric store. We figure if we can't get them done this week, we'll always have AX, but it would be nice to wear them at Anime Detour with our friends there.

Speaking of Anime Detour, we've been wondering if anyone on our friends list still reads Sluggy Freelance, because its creator is going to be there and we were wondering if the people who read (or used to read?) it would have any messages or questions or anything for him, in case we get a chance to go to his panel.

Well, I guess it's back to work. With maybe a snack first. Today I'm thankful for having alternative things to work on while kitties get in the way, Lilo & Stitch, math, irons, and ironing boards (if only we had one).