March 25th, 2009



Today we were reminded yet again that it's better to stop working early than to start working late. Or it is for us, anyway. Athena's visiting teachers came over this morning. We're not sure why they like to come in the mornings instead of the evenings like normal people (nothing wrong with being abnormal, of course), but they do, and so they did. One of these visiting teachers really likes talking, and we like listening to people talk (usually), so they ended up staying for two hours. It was kind of funny, because forty-five minutes in, she apologized for taking so long to get to the lesson because she likes talking, and we said that's okay, our home teachers usually stay for two hours, and then we ended up talking so much after the lesson that their visit lasted two hours, too.

It was really fun at the time, but when it came time to get to work afterward, it was just like blargh. Or, as Athena puts is, "Blaaaaah, blaaaaaah." And in a very whiny tone. The main part of the problem was that we realized that, if we wanted to get as much work done as we had hoped, we would probably end up working really late, and then we wouldn't have any time for fun stuff after. And that's no fun.

Fortunately, things went a little faster than we expected, and we might be able to meet the quota we had set for us without working too late. Or that would be the case, if Athena's visiting teaching companion hadn't called while her visiting teachers were over to ask if they could go teach one of their girls at five. Ah well, we'll just have to work extra hard tomorrow and Friday to make up for it. We're planning on taking next week of in the hopes of finishing our costumes for Anime Detour, but it all depends on whether or not we can get to a fabric store and buy everything we need. I just have to keep telling myself it's only two costumes. Two incredibly complex-looking costumes, but still--just two. And I've already made progress on one! Almost significant progress, too!

Today I'm thankful for making good progress despite our super slow start, having a fun visit with visiting teachers, not having extra plans for tomorrow (yet), being able to work at a fast enough pace that interruptions are okay, and adorable pictures of Hawaii.