March 23rd, 2009


Happy March 23rd!

Just because.

We started off our day with e-mailing our boss about Kieli, to get an update on when to expect things, and then we went in search of the invoice from out hotel in Japan so we could add it to our tax deduction list, but we were having a hard time finding it. While we were in the midst of searching, we got a phone call from blackhope! Yay! We were wondering what to do with ourselves last night, so we confronted our telephone fear and called him to say hi, but he was on the phone with his sister, so we left a message, and he called back this morning (as I just mentioned).

It's always nice to talk to blackhope, because he reminds us that not all guys in the world are annoying. In fact, Disney got brought up, and he asked if they were doing anything like movies and stuff instead of just like the Disney Channel, and I said The Princess and the Frog will be coming out at some point, and he was like, "Oh, that's cool. ...But I guess it's 3-D animation, isn't it?" and when I told him it wasn't, he got really excited. After Pixar hijacked our Disney Night, it was nice to hear that out loud, and from someone we didn't expect to hear it from (mostly because we didn't expect to talk to him). He's really sweet, too.

I mentioned how I think that part of what's stressing me out is concern for the cats, even though they're acting pretty much the same as usual--it's just one of the things that keeps me awake when I wake up in the middle of the night. But I never wanted to say it out loud, because I was afraid that if I said I was worried, then there would actually be something to worry about, and he was like, "I don't think things happen that way." So we talked about that for a little, and then I said, "But Mimsy has been squinting her right eye a lot lately..." and he said, "Aw, you're worrying again!" all worried. He would make such a good shoujo manga hero (but not for us; he's our cousin, after all).

And then today, Mimsy's been squinting her left eye. Go figure.

So while I was talking on the phone and getting him all excited to play Ace Attorney games, there was a knock at the door. Remember how we started the day by e-mailing our boss about Kieli? The knock at the door was the UPS guy, with a package containing all the Kieli books! That was super fast! (Ain't it always the way? We always get books and/or contracts the same day we send e-mails wondering where said books/contracts are.) Oh, and the covers... especially the one cover with the thing and the stuff... It has us reeeeeeeally curious about what happens in that one. And the one before it, for that matter, since the covers seem to reflect the state of things at the beginning of each book. We think.

But we decided it might be a good idea, after working on a novel for two weeks, to take a little break and do some workreation instead. We still have to write a summary for one of the volumes in the new CMX series, after all. But, since it's really hard to sit huddled together and read the manga at the same time, we're taking turns, and while I read the CMX series, Athena began our research into Pheromomania Syndrome, to see if, as lyschan has suggested, it might be written by Banri Hidaka's long-lost assistant, Sunacho. So far there's a lot of evidence pointing to the affirmative, but Athena has yet to compare handwriting samples, because she wants to get to the afterword first. But she did read something about Ichiha(the manga artist's pen name)'s "friend in the business" faxing her about the series, and how the katakana A in the title looked like a romaji P in her friend's handwriting. So we pulled out a volume of I Hate You♥, and Hidaka-sensei's katakana As (or the one that we found) do look like romaji Ps. There are also a couple of instances of spirits coming out of people. Verrrrry interesting.

Today I'm thankful for getting lots of shiny Kieli books, getting to talk to blackhope, short workreation breaks (we'll probably get back to "work" work tomorrow), having plenty of time to read manga these last few days, and manga investigations.