March 22nd, 2009


Failures as villains

I think the main lesson I got out of all the stuff that's happened since our last post is that we would fail as super villains. All our evil plots fall through, and, although I thought a lot of people are intimidated by us for our relatively stern-looking exterior, it seems they don't take us very seriously.

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But then in Relief Society there were Ghirardelli brownies (so yummy), and after church my visiting teacher gave us each a little package of... what we assume to be candy, but we haven't opened the adorable wrapping yet, so we couldn't say for sure. So overall it wasn't too bad a day. I still think that somebody needs to be smacked, but then I wonder if it's those violent thoughts that are stressing me out.

Oh! And something I forgot! Dust. Just a little bit of... Wait, that's not it. Before Disney Night, Mom and Steve took us out to eat (fast food, nothing fancy). While we were waiting for our food (okay, maybe it wasn't that fast, but it was still a fast food joint), Scott told us about how he saw a girl at school reading what he termed an "anime book." He asked her if she knew who translated it, and she was ready with an answer! It was us! Like, oh my gosh! And not only that, but she specifically looks for manga that we translate! Aww, we're so flattered! (Incidentally, this is the same middle school we visited about a year ago, but apparently she was sick that day, and she was very very upset that she missed it.)

Today I'm thankful for our very caring Relief Society president, Ghirardelli brownies in RS today, gifts from my visiting teacher, getting to have a Disney Night (Celeste and her husband both wore Disney shirts, too; she even made him change into one), and not being very good villains (we'd rather be heroes anyway).