March 21st, 2009


Most unusual

Today has been quite unusual already and we haven't even touched our evening plans (which, come to think of it, I guess aren't that unusual (getting together with family types and watching Disney movies) aside from their existing). It seems I've wandered into "deep thinking" territory with my Japanese pen pal, and deep thinking is not one of my strong points, so I've been kind of... thoughtful, I guess? all day, including when trying to read Rin-Jin by Banri Hidaka, and Hidaka-sensei works are not easy to read if you can't focus on them, let me tell you.

But aside from that, Mom called from the place they were out running errands, because the girl ringing up their purchases apparently looked just like us. And not only did she look just like us, but something happened (I don't remember the details; I'm Distracted today) and she said "Yay!" just like us, so they (Mom and Steve) asked her if she happened to be into anime, and she is and she and her friends are all going to Anime Expo and they have a hotel room and everything (we still need to make our reservation; hm) and she needs help with her costume and etc. etc. Actually I think the costume thing was the last part, so the "etc."s are out of place.

But anyway. Oh wait, she was excited to find out we translate, that was the etc. Because of course they told her about us (in fact, I think we had already been brought up by that point, because I'm pretty sure bringing us up was the beginning of the conversation), and they gave her our phone number, and then Mom called to let us know someone named Guinevere (name changed to protect the innocent) would be calling us later, only she was just closing up the register so Steve said they could give her the phone and we could talk now. So we talked for a little tiny bit before she remembered she could get fired for talking on the phone while on the clock. So that was interesting, and we may or may not make a new friend, but it was also kind of strange and random. Overall I think it was a good thing, but of course the social anxiety kicks in.

And Athena pointed out that while Mom was talking to me about cosplay, I should have asked, since they were at a hardware store, if they would buy us some chains for my Atsumori costume. Ah well.

And with all of that going on, umadoshi made a comment that had us going off about the people at college who would pass by and make it a point to say both our names and why exactly it was annoying again, which led into a whole other rant, but it could get long (then again, it could stay short), and I think I might have to save it for some other time.

Today has been an unusual day.

Today I'm thankful for the bag of miniature Kit-Kats in our dining room, getting to watch Super Nanny last night (they've been having episodes with twins lately, which of course has us thinking about the whole twin thing even more; all these things in my head that I just never type out (usually because I forget about them by the time I'm sitting here, most likely)), having plans for a Disney Night tonight, potential new friends, and watching all the clothes hanging in the closet move as the kitties wander around behind them.