March 19th, 2009


Guess what's different!

Can you tell what's different about us today? Go on, guess!




Oh, okay, I'll tell you! We just booked a hotel for San Diego Comic Con! Yaaaaaaaay!!!!

Okay, so by "just" I mean... wow, like six and a half hours ago. But we've been pretty excited about it all day. Not excited enough to post early, though. We had work to do first.

It's actually due in part to kabochan, who not only gave us the push to finally register by registering herself, but also gave us the incentive to see what the hotel situation was. And thus we discovered that they would be open for reservation through the Comic Con website today at nine in the morning. The site said that the hotels tend to fill up completely within the first few hours, so we made sure to be ready! We even got up half an hour early! (For us, that's really hard.)

And as soon as nine hit, we went right to the website and clicked on the necessary link! It was kind of neat, actually, because, since they have super high traffic, they put you in line, so it's not like your computer tries for a set amount of time and then decides that the site's not responding and gives up. It also gave us a sense of security, because all our experience at Disneyland tells us that as long as you're in line, you will eventually get to whatever you're waiting for. But it was a little scary, because, as Athena points out, if the hotels fill up, it doesn't matter how long you wait in line, and we had to take extra time looking at all the options in an attempt to balance distance from the convention center and price.

As it turned out, we had a little help in our decision, because our first couple of tries ended with us clicking on the "Book it!" link only to find that the hotel was no longer available. But we ended up with a room in the Hilton, only a block from the convention center! We booked a room for two with two beds, but we're sure we can fit a couple more people in if somebody needs a room.

And the whole process took about forty minutes. Athena expressed it best when she said, "We've been awake for so long--why don't we have any work done?" But later we saw the Comic Con thread at the AX forums, and people were talking about having to wait forever and ever and eventually giving up, so we think we got out relatively unscathed. And the picture of the sample room in the e-mail is very pretty, so we're very happy about it, and we've got a pretty good feeling about the whole thing. Suddenly the idea of Comic Con has gotten very very exciting.

Now the next question is whatever are we going to wear?

Today I'm thankful for having a hotel for Comic Con, easy-to-follow websites, a chance to go to San Diego (one of our favorite cities, it's so pretty), distractingly cute kitties, and having a fun time talking with home teachers last night.
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