March 18th, 2009


Helpful kitties

It's funny how motivation works sometimes. On Monday, I found an online tutorial on how to make hakama, and I was really excited because, even though it's pleated (which is kind of annoying, come to think of it), it seemed simple enough, and I didn't have to worry to much about making it Just the Right Length and stuff, so I was really looking forward to working on it. So I laid out the cutting board, spread out the fabric and started cutting!

...And then we had a cat. I don't know what it is, but Oreo really likes lying on whatever fabric I might be cutting. I think it comes from an innate feline desire to get in the way of anything their people might be up to. Mimsy is very good at this, because she's small enough to fit on the desk we work at. Anyway, as usual, Oreo sat down on the fabric, right where I needed to cut, thus bringing production to a halt. Of course I cut other parts of the fabric where he wasn't sitting, but I got to the point where I needed to cut where he was or I couldn't do anything else. He stayed there for over an hour and a half, getting up only to readjust and sit back down in the exact same spot, until it was dinner time and time to beg for scraps. He's so spoiled.

I finished cutting after dinner, and then yesterday, despite my enthusiasm for making hakama the day before, I just didn't want to work on costumes at all. We're actually usually of the opinion, "Who needs motivation? Just do it!" but we had video games to play, and yesterday somehow felt like a long day by the time we were done with "work" work. Ah well.

Changing the subject, yesterday turned out to be a big mail day for us. We got our Blu-ray disc of Pinocchio (or we assume that's what's in the package anyway), which I mainly only bring up because of the commercial. For some reason, the music they play in the commercial has nothing to do with Disney's Pinocchio, but is in fact the Thunder and Lightning polka by Strauss. And I only bring that up because I want to show off the fact that we recognized it. We can recognize, like, five pieces of classical music! Tadah! Incidentally, we learned that one from translating Nabari no Ou, as it is featured in one of the story arcs. I wonder if they play it in the anime... I wonder when the anime is coming out here...

Anyway. We also got a new classical composer CD! We don't know who it is yet, though, because we haven't opened any of our packages yet. And finally, we got a package from Right Stuf. They make it really hard not to buy from them. They had the Final Fantasy: Unlimited box set at like half price, and the s-CRY-ed box set at like 80% off, and we had just been thinking about wanting to see both of those when we got the e-mail informing us of the sale. But we decided to keep the package closed until we watch some of the other anime DVDs we have piled up waiting to be watched. And someday we'll send Death Note 4 back to Netflix so we can get more of that, too.

Today I'm thankful for lots of happy mail today (it was yesterday's mail, but we got it this morning), learning classical pieces' names, it being warm enough to wear our new t-shirts and not hide them under sweatshirts (although it's kind of strange not wearing a sweatshirt--it turns into a kind of security blanket over the winter), getting to buy the Kuja final battle music from FF9 and have it play as background music in Dissidia battles, and handy lists of all the stuff we need to buy for the costumes we're working on.