March 14th, 2009



Today is kind of a "nnngh, I don't wanna talk about it" day. Which means that of course I'm going to tell you all about it. It started with the post office. Our shiny package from CD Japan arrived yesterday, only it didn't actually arrive at our apartment, it arrived at our post office, where the mail carrier decided to leave it for pickup. Normally this kind of thing would not bother us at all--we'd just go to the post office and pick up our shiny happy package. Except that "normally," in this sense, means "if we were normal people who had a car and could drive it." So we had to find someone who would be kind enough to drive us.

Fortunately, Mom, despite having been sick for so long, was back at work yesterday and called us to see if we could figure out an algebra equation for some... thing she had to do for work. It was really super hard, and in the end, we failed, but Mom agreed to take us to the post office anyway. The two thoughts are connected in that I asked Mom about it while I happened to already be on the phone with her.

So we're getting ready to go to the post office, and we're like, "Oh no, what are the post office hours? We don't want to go when they're closed!" So we checked and apparently they are closed on Saturdays, but the package slip specifically said it would be available on the 14th, and that's today, and they even corrected the hour, which meant clearly they were thinking something about the post office being open or something, and Mom was already on her way and we had to go to the bank to deposit some checks anyway, so we just went. Mom showed us where we could sign the package slip and drop it off to have them drop the package off by our door in case they were closed, but as it turned out, the pickup window was open, and we returned happily with our shiny CDs.

Opening the package was a bit more of an adventure than usual. I wasn't being as careful as I should have, and I jabbed myself in the finger with some scissors. Fortunately, they were safety scissors, and they didn't even break the skin, but it was quite painful. Still, I prefer pain over blood (especially in cases involving scissors), so it's all good. And then the package was open and in it was our shiny CDs and the key to what ended up sucking about two hours out of our day.

See, with the release of Dissidia Final Fantasy, Square-Enix started some kind of soundtrack promotion campaign where anybody who bought any Final Fantasy related CD during the designated time period would get a shiny Final Fantasy pass case. We got two FF CDs, and thus two shiny pass cases! Yay! Now if we get rail passes next time we go to Japan, we have shiny cases for them! They even sent us a black one and a white one, so they're not completely the same! But the dangerous part was the other bonus from the campaign: 150 yen in Net Cash, to be used on Square-Enix music at Mora, a Japanese music download site.

This was perfect timing! because we had just gotten the ending for Dissidia last night, and they played the awesomest orchestrated FF theme medley, and we really really really wanted a recording, but most of the rest of the Dissidia soundtrack is either music that can be found on the corresponding game soundtracks, or the insert songs which were actually all pretty creepy, so while we really wanted that particular piece of music, we weren't sure we wanted to spend the money on the whole soundtrack. And now we didn't have to!

Or we wouldn't have, if we'd been able to figure out how Mora works exactly. We finally figured out that we needed... some software by Sony that helps you manage your music and stuff, but we still couldn't get it to work, and it took us like two hours to decide it wasn't going to happen. We do still have one thing left to try, but we're just so fed up with it.

On the bright side, if it works, we know exactly where to find a recording of Compass of Your Heart, our favorite favorite song from DisneySea. Of course, the net cash only works on Square Enix music, but they do take credit cards. I'd probably then have to call the card fraud number thing and tell them that yes, I did purchase something outside of the States, but for Compass of Your Heart, it'd be worth it. And if that fails, we'll see if we can find that CD at CD Japan.

Anyway, after all that time, I decided that maybe I should be productive to make up for it, and started working on costumes. ...and failed to make much progress. Then again, looking at it another way, since I was bound to go through all that non-progress anyway, you could say that I made progress in the sense that I've already figured out several ways that I don't want to make the costume. So maybe it wasn't a total loss.

And all the while, we had been pining for Dissidia. We started playing as villains for the first time last night, which is far more amusing than perhaps it should be. We actually don't have much interest in playing as any villain other than Kuja, so that might be why. It's great, because playing as Kuja lets us fulfill our girly desire of wanting to play as a pretty girl character, but has the added bonus of letting us hear our favorite male voice actor while we do it. (Come to think of it, Terra's a good girl character, but she's more "cute" than "pretty," I think, and the other girl characters (Ultimecia and Cloud of Darkness) are just... kind of old-looking, I guess.) It's really funny, too, because he has one move where he twirls around slowly, as if showing off his pretty dress.

Today I'm thankful for safety scissors (oh so thankful), the post office pickup window being open, Mom being kind enough to drive us to the post office, finding out which album has the Sindbad Storybook Voyage music on it, and Kuja sample voices.