March 13th, 2009


Fan letter, away!

We translated Kieli all day and Harvey was nowhere in sight! Aaaaaaaaugh!! We tend to make it a point to like the main characters of a series, so that we never get too caught in the side characters to translate things properly or get annoyed with a series because it's not focusing on the characters we want it to focus on dangit!, but sometimes we do get very attached. You'd think it wouldn't be a probably so much, what with them being main characters and all, but there you have it. It probably also has a lot to do with this being a novel and not a manga, because the translating pace for manga is so much faster that we're bound to see the main guy at least once. But then again, there are some volumes of Fruits Basket with no Kyo at all, so I suppose amount of characters has a lot to do with it, too. The Kieli series only has three main characters, so it's a little more rare for one of them to be gone for so long. Except for the Corporal, but he's special.

Anyway, I have much more important things to talk about! Why, you ask? Because we put our fan letter to Banri Hidaka in the mail today!!!! I keep starting fanfares in my head, which, surprisingly (or it's a surprise to me anyway), turn into the fanfare from The Little Mermaid when King Triton comes out in his dolphin-drawn chariot thingie and lights the chandelier. I would have expected the victory music from Final Fantasy.

Anyway. We solved our stamp dilemma thusly: First, Athena remembered that chibidrunksanzo had given her a giant Thing of vinyl or something that's used for carving stamps for our birthday a couple years ago, so even though the super-deformed drawing of the characters in the sidebars of the Akiyoshi Brothers specials were too tall for Magic Rub erasers, she could make a Chizuru stamp anyway. Incidentally, as an example of how tall the Akiyoshis are, super-deformed characters are three heads tall by definition, but even SD, Chizuru was four heads tall. *Gaspies!* And second, we decided that not making too many stamps all at once would mean opportunities to make more in the future, thus creating excellent reasons to write again! Yay♥

For the curious, Athena also made a stamp of Maki, using a picture from the booklet that came with the CD drama. We would totally scan the stamps and show them off to everyone, but we have scanner issues. It's really very sad. But you can rest assured that they are adorable. (Athena: "Eh, they're alright.")

She also wanted to make a Maruri stamp, but the one picture we had was just a little too small to work with, and we had gotten impatient. During our quest for Akiyoshi pictures, we came across a picture from Berry Berry, Hidaka-sensei's short series about a set of twins, which reminded us that, "Oh yeah, this is Banri Hidaka we're talking about. They each get a boy!" That had us very excited to read it, and also reminded us that it might not be too much longer before it comes out in graphic novel form, which meant that if Hidaka-sensei would have an excellent place to mention getting a fan letter from the translators of I Hate You♥ who also happen to be twins. Of course, we didn't send the fan letter to get her to mention us--we sent it because we want to be friends! But we also realize that an honorable mention in a graphic novel may be the best we can hope for. We're trying hard to remind ourselves that we may never hear anything about that fan letter again. Fortunately, we're also very easily distracted.

I'm trying to remember if there was something else I wanted to talk about. Oh right! Jesse McCartney. I was thinking about our Hollywood movie of Kieli fantasy when I remember that he tends to show up in a lot of stuff we like, and remembered that he's about the age Harvey looks, and I thought it would be pretty interesting if he actually played Harvey. We haven't really seen him act live at all, and we certainly haven't heard him voice a character like Harvey (Jo-Jo in Horton Hears a Who is probably the closest, but they're really not that similar), but since he's also been cast to play Prince Zuko in the Avater movie, you never know, right? Of course the whole thing has me a little annoyed to realize that Harvey looks younger than us. We'll just ignore that little fact.

Today I'm thankful for that Thing chibidrunksanzo sent us a couple years ago, the lack of Harvey in translating today (makes it that much happier when he shows up again!), tips on beating Chaos, finally having Chex Mix again, and oh my goodness we just put a fan letter to Hidaka-sensei in the mail! ( six hours ago, but that's beside the point).