March 12th, 2009


Kieli... the Movie! (...I wish)

Yes, working on Kieli is definitely starting to be very tiring. It's kind of like it gets more tiring as the story gets more intense, which I guess makes some kind of sense when you think about the kind of energy a story has when it's intense, since the writer, and consequently the translator, will need to put that much energy into writing it. Or maybe it doesn't make any sense at all, but at any rate, it's getting tiring. And despite that, when we got to our normal quitting time, we were like, "Oh, there's only four more pages in the chapter; we might as well finish it." So we did. But after getting some energy from delicious chocolate covered pretzels.

Anyway. It's kind of funny how sometimes when we're working on something, it starts popping up all over the place. Last night, I did a Google search in a failed attempt to find scans of the back covers of the Akiyoshi Family Series special edition books, because they have adorable drawings of all the characters on them which would be perfect for making stamps out of if they weren't so small that trying it would threaten to strain Athena's eyes into blindness (as well as ending up with poorer quality stamps). Right, I didn't finish that thought. The pictures are perfect, but we needed them in a different size, and so I was trying to find them. As I said, I failed, but for some reason, while I was googling Hidaka Banri, a review of volume two of the Kieli manga came up. It didn't make any sense, but the review was very favorable, and even made a point of giving credit to the translators for the translation quality, so it was kinda nice. But, ever picky, we're still like, "Come on, reviewer, let's pay attention." The main complaint was that it didn't go into a certain character's back story enough to really point out where things went wrong, and we're like, "What 'went' wrong? Things were always wrong!" We just can't let a good thing stay good.

Still, apparently Kieli has also gotten some library award, and everyone we know of who's read it (I think this reviewer makes three? not including us, of course) seems to really like it, so then I start thinking, "Hey, that's cool. Maybe Hollywood'll come along and want to make a movie. And then we can be consultants!" Of course, while I generally stay optimistic in regards to Hollywood adaptations until after I've seen them, I am kind of pessimistic about the idea of anyone consulting us about anything. It's kind of sad. But maybe they actually would consult us? Or maybe they'd have their own resident Japanese-language expert to consult. Or they just wouldn't care. Or... whatever.

Incidentally, Kieli had won an award in Japan, which is how it got published in the first place. It got the grand prize in Dengeki's... something contest that I'm too lazy to look up. It beat out Baccano!, which is now a popular anime that it looks like people are considering cosplaying as a giant group at AX this year, but we couldn't watch more than the first episode because my goodness, look at all the blood. (Maybe the theme of the contest was people who just can't die that year. Watch us and our wild speculations.) Anyway, Kieli doesn't have an anime, which makes us very sad, because we want Harvey to have a voice. We have a hard time settling on just one voice actor in our imaginations, and it would be nice to have something more concrete. Ah well.

Also incidentally, for the curious, it's pronounced "Kee-lee." We didn't choose the spelling, but we think it's pretty nice, even if it might be a little confusing.

Today I'm thankful for energy from chocolate covered pretzels and their super yumminess, fun delusions about Hollywood movies, cheese crackers that don't discriminate by age (certain Wheat Thins commercials have irked us), getting to work on an award-winning series, and pudges getting her book group to read I Hate You♥.