March 9th, 2009


It's fanfare time!!

Apparently we've just been having a string of weird days lately. Ah well, it's good to have some variety in life. I think I mentioned a while back that our sink had been dripping. So we reported it, they fixed it, and it was all unusual because the faucet wasn't backwards like it had been for so long, but whatever, at least we're not wasting water anymore. A little while later, it started dripping again, so we reported it, and they came and fixed it again. And then it started dripping yet again. So this time they went and asked The Guy in Charge and got permission to give us a new faucet, which it sounds like they're almost finished installing. But the entire process has been going on all day, which has made things a little awkward, just because it's weird having people in your apartment doing stuff who aren't usually in your apartment doing stuff.

But that's all okay because last night! we finally! finally! finished writing a fan letter to Banri Hidaka! Yaaaaaay! We're so proud of us. Okay, so we didn't technically finish it, for a few reasons. One, of course you always end up wanting to tweak things. And two, since we typed it up, thus making it very impersonal (but also a lot easier on those of us doing our best to write fan letters despite being kind of freaked out), we want to stamp it with pretty pictures. With rubber stamps, not postage ones (though we do have shiny postage stamps that we got specifically for this purpose, which she may not ever see, depending on how the fanletter delivery process works). Unfortunately, we do not have any rubber stamps of Hidaka-sensei characters, as Athena has yet to make them. If we were super smart, we would have thought to make them in the eight months when we were like, "We're going to write a fan letter to Banri Hidaka! ...someday," but as I'm sure has been established on numerous occasions, we are Not super smart.

Unfortunately again, we were planning to get that taken care of starting after work today, but since we've had guys fixing stuff all day, I'm a little strained already and want to just settle down with video games.

Speaking of video games, part of our motivation last night was that we were going to force ourselves to write more on our fanletter either way, so we might as well do it before pulling out the video game we were going to start playing, which had yet to be determined. All I knew was that I wanted to play something with a 2 (or II, as the case may be) in it. It was decided that we would play Final Fantasy II (actual II, not IV which everyone thinks is II), because during all our Dissidia playing, we were constantly amazed at how very little we remembered about Firion. ...and I think I had more to say about that, but I can't remember any of it at the moment.

Today I'm thankful for having written (a rough draft of) a fanletter to Hidaka-sensei, getting to play FF2 last night, new faucets, strange little Yasuaki flipbooks, and making good progress on Kieli regardless of weirdness.