March 8th, 2009



So anyway... That's usually the first thing that comes to mind when I'm not sure what to say and we're not still on some other topic. It's not so good from out of nowhere, except maybe for its randomness.

Anyway (see, here it works much better), we had Celeste over last night, which was quite lovely. She came by herself, because her husband was out of town, and we just hung out for a while. She told us about the episode of Reaper that we missed and the first episode of the new cycle of America's Next Top Model, which we also missed, because we don't watch enough TV to know when anything's on anymore, unless it's on ABC, because we still watch Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune on weekdays. We do enjoy game shows, but we also tend to get really frustrated when the people on Wheel of Fortune keep buying vowels. There are only five of them in the alphabet, just use your imagination and figure out what works! Save yourself the $250 (or sometimes up to $1250; it's insane!)!

Speaking of game shows, we then made Celeste suffer through Family Feud, because we go through phases where we like certain kinds of questions, and right now, it's the kind on Family Feud. Celeste has never really liked game shows, but she was a good sport last night. We like them, because the questions tend to provide good conversation material.

And after that, we showed Celeste the Mickey Mouse version of The Three Musketeers, which is of course nothing like the original novel, but still very fun, and also quite silly. But despite the silliness, the animation is very nice, and the expressions are really good. I was watching and I was like, "Who knew Mickey Mouse could express such a range of emotions?" Well, I should have known, being as obsessed as I am, but it's always nice to see it in action. It kind of reminds me of when Clay told us about some youkai and asked us about any mythical creatures we might know about, and I realized I didn't know that many that weren't already pretty common knowledge in Japan (he even already knew about the jackalope), but I did tell him about the series Gargoyles. So he found it on YouTube and his comment was about how well-drawn the characters' expressions were (sasuga Disney anime, he said).

I also like this version of the Three Musketeers because Minnie is such a fangirl in it. It's so cute♥

Also, Clarabelle Cow is working for Pete, so she's evil and laughs like this: Mooowa ha ha ha ha! So Athena was like, "I bet in the Japanese version, she laughs 'Moooo ho ho ho'" (with a long O sound, not a U sound this time), which reminded me that Romi Park is the Japanese dub voice of Clarabelle Cow, and thinking of Edward Elric doing a maniacal cow laugh was just incredibly hilarious. Especially now that I remember he hates milk. Or I think he hates milk. There's something about him and milk. Ah well.

And then today we had ward conference. This year, one of the themes, since we're in a single's ward, was for everyone to get educated, get a job, and get married. We got miniature Kit Kat bars because we already have jobs we'd like to make careers out of. I don't want to say they're "our career jobs," because, as you all know, we still have that far off dream of being voice actresses in Japan, but we wouldn't mind doing it forever if it came down to it. Though on the other hand, finding a career is pretty impressive these days, and you could argue that we should have gotten full-sized Kit Kat bars. Either way, they were delicious.

Today I'm thankful for getting to watch the Mickey Mouse version of The Three Musketeers, maniacal cow laughter, miniature Kit Kat bars, getting to hang out with Celeste last night, and getting to order pizza last night.