March 4th, 2009



Days tend to feel weird when we don't have a schedule. They also feel weird when the weather is hovering between rainy and sunny. And they also feel weird when we went to the movies last night and saw a trailer for Coraline ($3 movie theater--everything's a little outdated) which did nothing to assuage our fear of claymation.

And they also feel a little weird when we turn off the internet. I'm not sure exactly why that is, because sometimes we'll be away from the computer for hours and hours, which is basically the same effect as not having the internet at all, and yet, when the internet is officially Off, it feels weirder. We turned off the internet so we could defragment our computer, and then we read manga and watched Gundam Seed Destiny.

Anyway, last night we went to the $3 theater and saw Inkheart. It was a really good idea for a story, but it wasn't told so well, which is especially sad for us, because it's a story about stories, which is our favorite kind of story, because people tend to like stories about their favorite things, and one of our favorite things is stories. I think part of the problem is that they tried to make it about the dad, when the girl was obviously the main character. And she was kind of a Mary Sue anyway, from what we know about Mary Sues, which, granted, is not much, because we don't really read that much fan fiction. Or like any fan fiction, for that matter. We just prefer the original authors.

I'm having a difficult time focusing right now. It's been a weird day.

Today I'm thankful for the exchange rate between yen and dollars going back to something more affordable for us (I meant to be thankful for that yesterday, but I forgot), having a great time going to get fast food and see a movie with Celeste and her husband, Sierra Mist mixed with lemonade, $3 movies, and a newly defragmented hard drive.