February 27th, 2009


For Nosatsu Junkie!

We came up with an idea the other day that we keep forgetting about because we have so many other distractions, but now that I'm posting at a time when we happen to have just been reminded of it, I think I'll discuss. We've been thinking that TokyoPop needs more fan support so they can pick up all their dropped titles again, so we thought it might not be a bad idea to have like, a Live Journal community dedicated to promoting TokyoPop titles, and especially the ones that got canceled. I think it could be a pretty neat thing, and it would be awesome to get to work on Nosatsu Junkie again.

On the other hand, we've never been very good at rallying troops, so we're not entirely sure it would have any effect on anything. And we're not huge fans of working with the TokyoPop script format, or having our work being rewritten every single time, so in that regard...

Still, Nosatsu Junkie!!! So, we're still thinking about it, but we were wondering if anyone else thought it would be a good idea, or had any ideas on what we should do with it.

Changing the subject, working on this thing that has names that a lot of Japanese people would recognize and realize the significance of reminds me of a neat thing we discovered about Ichihisa Akiyoshi's name while reading the Akiyoshi Family Series anthologies. A girl saw his name written in kanji and she was trying to figure out how to pronounce it, and one of the possibilities was "Ikkyuu." The first time we'd heard the name Ikkyuu (in a context where we remembered it) was when we saw Gokudo, when Gokudo summoned a spirit to help him solve the Sphinx's riddle, and the spirit was obviously an evil genius, also named Ikkyuu.

The rest is all kind of hard to explain, but if you look Ikkyu up at Wikipedia (he was a real person!), it might make a little more sense. It might make even more sense if you also check out the article on the anime Ikkyu-san, about Ikkyu's mischievous adventures as a child in a Buddhist temple.

And that was all nowhere near as coherent as I'd like it to be. Ah well.

Today I'm thankful for manga names that reference history (especially when I understand the reference), having learned enough about Japanese history to understand some historical references, the possibility of buying something not in bulk if I don't want that many of it, Gokudo, and realizing something doesn't make sense when I still have time to fix it.