February 25th, 2009


Huh. We don't have a fangirling icon.

We're still waiting for books, so I kind of feel like we've been set adrift again, with our lack of any concrete schedule. Or I would feel that way, except that we still had baranoneko's friend's project to work on, and that actually ended up taking all day. So instead of finishing soon after lunch, like we had planned (hoped), and then wondering what to do with ourselves until such time as the books we need should arrive, we just kept trucking. One of the books we're expecting really ought to be coming today, if it got sent when we think it did, but if it doesn't come... I guess we'll finally have time to work on costumes!

Speaking of costumes, or rather, speaking of Haruka3, Collapse )

Today I'm thankful for getting hard things out of the way, learning what weasel words are, getting our Christian Bale movies in the mail yesterday (Pocahontas (last time we saw it, it made us kind of angry, but we still want a complete collection, and it was on sale (and it has Christian Bale!)) and Howl's Moving Castle (which we may never watch in English, but it still has Christian Bale's voice on it somewhere, even if we never listen to it)), the convenience of online shopping, and shirts.