February 22nd, 2009



It's been a good twenty-four hours, I think. This weekend has been stake conference, which was a little bit hard to sit through this time, despite being incredibly awesome. We had a broadcast that was sent to... I think they said 68 stakes in Northern California, with President Uchtdorf speaking. I feel bad though, because even though all the talks were really good, I had a hard time preventing my mind from wandering. President Uchtdorf said something about the idea of truth being relative being prevalent today, and that reminded me of the thoughts I've been having about relative vs. absolute truth. I definitely believe in absolute truth, and here's why. I translate manga for a living, and I like people to know when I've done the official translation for a series. People are free to believe that Santa Claus translated it if they want to, but that doesn't change the fact that Athena and I are the ones who translated and typed up the script that got used for the final publication of the English version, and no amount of belief that Santa did the translation will make it true. Yes, I like to get credit.

I think we got plenty of blessings for going to stake conference that also weren't related to the talks or anything. For example, before the meeting started one of the Bishopric's wives came up to introduce herself, because she's made it her mission to get to know everybody in the ward. We talked for a while, one thing led to another, and we found out that she and her husband just got annual passports to Disneyland for their anniversary/Christmas gift to each other. And so, now that Anton is engaged and liable to forget all about his past friends (though Gaston didn't, so he may actually not), we may still have transportation to Disneyland! Yay!

After stake conference came the conclusion of the mystery that had been brewing since we got back from shopping yesterday. Celeste called to see if we were home, and then asked if she and her husband could come over. The conversation led to her remembering stake conference, so she called back later to let us know that they couldn't come tonight, but they would try to come over sometime. This was a mystery to us, because it rarely happens, and she didn't tell us why. She called back a third time, and thus it was arranged that they would come over after stake conference, and thus we found out what was going on after the meeting.

We had lent them some money a while back, and they came over not only to give us a check, but also to give us pie♥ And that just goes to show that when you help somebody out, you always get back more than you gave. It also shows that Celeste and her husband are a very considerate team. Celeste wasn't sure if it was the right flavor, because we like chocolate silk, but Marie Calendar's only had chocolate satin. We will find out tonight after dinner. We offered to share it with them but they forbade us. And then they came in and visited with us for a while, and we had a lovely time, and we all thought it was adorable to see Mimsy standing on the cable box and facing the wall.

Today I'm thankful for more potential Disneyland buddies (including Celeste, come to find out (but not her husband, because he'll be going to boot camp)), remembering that thing that the other member of the Bishopric said to me that I wanted to tell Athena about, gifts of pie, getting to chat with lots of people today, and another awesome stake conference.