February 21st, 2009



This is one of those weeks where I'd prefer Saturday actually not be very productive, but we had already made plans to go out fabric shopping with our friend from church, and so shop we did! This time we went to Hancock Fabrics, because Jo-Ann's and Hancock's tend to be different enough from each other that if we can't find anything at one of them, we can probably find it at the other. It was maddening, though, because all the fabrics were either the perfect color and the wrong texture, or a good texture but the right color was nowhere in sight. And I spent a good long time pulling out all the different kinds of black cotton they had to see if one of them was the kind I wanted and putting it back because I wasn't sure, and then repeating the cycle. We ended up buying very little--only a few things to see what we could do about Lizvan's undershirt.

During lunch, I Hate You♥ got brought up, and our friend (who has borrowed our copies) expressed her sadness at never being able to find it in bookstores here, so we decided that when we were done at Michael's, we would head over to a bookstore, where we would special order the manga if we had to. So off to the closest bookstore we went! It happened to be in the mall, so it was very small. And the only Banri Hidaka manga they had was volume four of VB Rose. Not a bad one to have, but also not helpful. So after the crowds died down, we marched up to the counter and said we were looking for a manga called I Hate You More Than Anyone. A voice came from somewhere saying, "I haven't heard of that one!" So we responded, "It's very good!" We probably should have asked her if she'd read VB Rose, because then it would be easier to convince her to look into it. She revealed herself (she had been behind some kind of divider behind the counter) and said she was really into manga, and I wish we were better at starting up conversations based on that. Ah well.

Anyway, we discovered that if you need to order something at Borders, they'll ship it to your house for free! This was quite fortunate, because we were pretty far from our friend's neck of the woods by this time. So she ordered I Hate You♥ manga, and we wanted to order Tears of a Lamb and VB Rose and have them sent to her house (early/late birthday presents), but apparently VB Rose 1 was out of stock. I'm not sure which stock it was out of, but at any rate, they couldn't get it for us. She did promise to call and let us know when they could, though. I'm not sure if the out-of-stockness is a good thing (an indication of popularity) or a bad thing (an indication of never being in stock again, re: the hiatus-ness of vol.6). But since they did have VB Rose at the store, we'll take it as a good thing.

We wandered the mall a little more, because we can't go to the mall without going to Game Stop, and had a very arduous few minutes of deciding not to buy four shiny new DS games. They all looked very shiny, but we realized that we still have so many other games to play. Speaking of which, we finally got all the endings in Haruka3 last night, and now we're trying to decide what to do about Izayoiki. They just released (or will be releasing soon? I'm not sure) a very shiny PSP version of it, but is there enough new content to make it worth getting that over the Koei: The Best re-priced version? Of course, it'll be a while before we can really make time for it, so I guess we have time to decide.

And now it's time for more relaxing. Today I'm thankful for the ninja apparel chapter of the ninjutsu book we have, chances to support the manga industry, getting to have Pizza Hut for lunch, not having four new games to take up our time (perhaps later...), and finally having seen all the (original) Haruka3 endings.