February 15th, 2009



Aaaand we're back. I say, as if we'd been gone. Anyway, since I didn't finish the whole backstory thing yesterday, Collapse )

And that's that, I think. It's really hard to explain what all went down that year, especially now that so much time has passed. We're not really angry about it anymore. Still scarred, but not angry. But what's life without a few scars, right? They build character, after all.

But more importantly, yesterday we had a knock on the door that scared Oreo under the covers. It probably doesn't help that our current home teacher likes to use the (very loud) knocker. That's right, it was our home teacher! And carrying on the tradition of home teachers doing things for the families they teach on Valentine's Day, he brought over a heart-shaped box of ferrero roche chocolates. It was very sweet of him, and we wish we had thought to invite him in before he left, but our training with people is severely lacking. It's no excuse, of course--just a reminder to do better next time. Remember the training!!

Today I'm thankful for thoughtful home teachers, those chocolates they brought for treats in Relief Society today (they tasted like if you make a glass of Nesquik, only you had a ton of powder at the bottom that you didn't mix into the milk enough; so yummy), the Puzzle Place, character building experiences, and chances to talk about shoujo manga♥