February 14th, 2009


Back in the day

Here we are, updating Live Journal again. I've kind of been dreading it today, because I do feel like maybe I should go into our backstory, if for no other reason than Nothing else is going on in our lives right now, and I'm kind of hoping that once I get this off my chest, something else will happen to write about. Well, actually, there is something. It's looking like we'll be stepping up work on novels in the very near future, and that's Very Daunting. But really, that's about all there is to say on that. Or I could talk about how there may be some days where we're braindead by the time we get to LJ and will have an even harder time being able to write stuff.

Anyway, backstory. There's kind of a lot, which is the main reason I don't want to type it all up. I have other things to do with my time than sit here being angsty. So maybe I'll just work on it a little at a time. Collapse )

Okay, that's enough of that for now. Today I'm thankful for having a newly scrubbed bathtub, not having to walk to the 7-11 anymore, our new Schubert CD, walks down memory lane, and having Reese's crispy crunchy bars for Valentine's Day treats (I'm pretty sure we had some after the peanut butter recall before...).