February 13th, 2009


Rainy Friday

Today feels pretty uneventful. I guess it feels uneventful everywhere, because nobody's updating Live Journal. Actually, I've been thinking a lot about our backstory lately (I talk about our life as if it's a manga or something, so by "our backstory," I mean the Issues we had in the past), and I'm starting to wonder if revealing said backstory to the readers will trigger story awesomeness, since that tends to be what happens. Or, as in the case of Gundam characters, it could result in Untimely Death, but since it's not happy backstory, I think it would result in story awesomeness. And now you all think it's super big and dramatic! But it's probably not. At any rate, thinking about it (much as I have been) makes me tired, so I'm not really ready to go into it yet.

So in the meantime, since it's Friday and we've been working on non-manga stuff (and manga is about the easiest thing we could translate, so anything else is harder), we decided to stop early and take it easy. And taking it easy of course means reading manga! And I had some reason for bringing that up, but I can't remember what it is now. Oh right! I've been reading VBRose, and that reminded me that we've introduced I Hate You♥ to a bunch of people who probably don't realize that Banri Hidaka's characters' stories Never End, so they show up in later manga of hers! And that means I Hate You♥ characters are in VBRose, so all you new I Hate You♥ fans might want to check it out. Especially because it's awesome.

Unfortunately, we don't translate it, so we can't distribute comp copies like with I Hate You♥, but as of... some volume in the middle of the series, our friend Barb Lien-Cooper does the English adaptation. But TokyoPop probably doesn't give her enough comp copies to give out, either, so don't ask♪ (Athena says the proper punctuation there would actually probably be a star, but I only know one way to do stars, and they don't look good that way, so I'm not gonna.)

The lights just flickered brighter. Ooooohhhhh~~~ Today actually started out pretty dark and rainy, so that might be a little creepy.

So anyway. Banri Hidaka manga is awesome. And Dissidia Final Fantasy is awesome. And today is our special day, so we're going to go play that some more.

Today I'm thankful for having lots of time to read manga today, hearing from more work-type people, tag-along kitties, Tag-along Girl Scout cookies (now I wish I had some...), and good video game weather.