February 12th, 2009



I'm posting early today! Why? Because we're waiting on a bit of information before we start our next project, so we're using this as an opportunity to buy some time for e-mails to arrive. But today has been plenty exciting already!

First, it had been a really long time since we heard from TokyoPop, and even though we know they've cut their release schedule, we had a little bit of a reason (more than our typical insecurity) to start worrying about whether or not we were fired. So, since we had a bit of extra time today and we won't get the book for our next manga project for a few days and stuff, we finally e-mailed to check in. And! we found out that we're not fired! Yay! That's exciting and a relief (which is kind of the opposite of exciting, if you think about it) at the same time! Wao!

Second (but actually first--I'm posting in order of how much I have to say about stuff (from least to most), not chronological order), we finally registered for Anime Expo. Industry registration has been up for a long time now, but we never got around to it, because we find it intimidating. I'm not sure why. We do it every year and it's the same. I think it's because we don't have a website, and they always ask for a website, and then we get worried that if we link to TokyoPop or Del Rey, they'll be like, "How dare you use our website!!!" even though how are they going to find out? (By reading our LJ, that's how...)

But today we finally took the plunge. Why? Because they announced their first guest. And it's Morning Musume.

And it's like, "Bwah!?"

Now, to be perfectly honest, we don't follow music at all (unless you count buying all the character song albums for our favorite anime serieseseses), so Morning Musume isn't that big a draw for us. But. they might be a draw for someone else. Someone like a favorite voice actor or manga artist. And so we started to freak out just a little bit. See, we'd kind of decided, completely arbitrarily, that a certain favorite voice actor of ours would be coming to AX this year. We have nothing to ground this on except for some random things, including the fact that it was after we started making Amiboshi and Suboshi costumes for AX2000 that we found out the creator of Fushigi Yuugi would be there. Except that we actually haven't started making costumes for this voice actor. But we were kind of thinking about it. Anyway, for some reason, Morning Musume coming only strengthens the belief that he'll be coming, too.

Anyway, he remains nameless here, because it could be very confusing if he ends up not coming after all. So more on that later. But anyway, we decided it was time to register for AX, and now we finally have! Tadah!

So that's all our excitement for today. So far! There's no telling what other excitement might lay in store.

Today I'm thankful for not being fired, registering for AX (our registration hasn't been approved yet, but we've taken the first step!), having The Cookies (it's what we call the sugar cookies from the grocery store with the thick frosting and the sprinkles; we always get them for Valentine's Day), it being Chex Mix Day, and pink frosting.