February 7th, 2009


Fabric and fiances

It's been a kind of eventful night/morning. When our pizza was in the oven for dinner last night, Mom called and said that since the boys at her place were watching a scary movie, they decided to go fabric shopping. Mom's gotten tired of knitting for the time being, so she wants to make doll clothes. We couldn't pass up an opportunity to go fabric shopping, because our methods of buying fabric require as many trips as we can possibly get, so we left the pizza and joined them. (After turning off the oven, of course.)

"Them" turned out to be Mom and Celeste, as Mom had promised to get some cross-stitching that Celeste did a while ago framed when Celeste finally had a home to hang it in. And since Celeste and her boy are buying a house, the time has finally come. While they went to the framing section, we wandered through all the fabric again, and at one section, there was a yellow that jumped out at me and screamed, "Use me to make Atsumori's pants!!!" I wasn't sure I agreed with the fabric, but it looked alright with the little piece of cinnabar fabric I brought for color matching (it was raining, so we left our Layers magazine at home--it wouldn't have helped much for Atsumori's pants anyway), and I thought it had a good texture, so we decided to go ahead and get it.

We stared at a bunch of blacks for a while and still nothing said Lizvan to us, so the yellow was all we ended up getting. After that, I was afraid to look at any pictures of Atsumori, because I didn't want to be told I'd gotten the wrong color. When I told Athena, she picked up the case for Haruka 3 and looked at the back, and lo and behold, his pants were a lighter yellow in the picture there. Rar. But it still looks good with the orange we got, so we think it will be okay. Right? (For anyone wondering, the color we got was goldenrod, and in fact matches Crayola's goldenrod, so you can have an idea of what color that is.)

Celeste took so long choosing a mat and frame for her cross-stitching (indecisiveness clearly runs in the family) that Mom didn't have much time to look for anything she wanted, which was sad for Mom, but happy for us, because it means we can go fabric shopping again soon! Yay!

And then we came home and ate our very very well-done pizza, which, despite being a very dark brown color, still tasted very much like a real pizza. It was just a little hard to chew. And then we watched some Snow Fairy Sugar, and I'm very anxious to find out how things will develop next!

But we didn't have any time this morning to find out, because it was time for the unengagement party! ...which actually wasn't all that spectacular. It was fun, but we were at a disadvantage. See, the idea was to show clips (or read and excerpt from a book) of your fictional boyfriend to illustrate why you love him so much. But in our terrible lack of having seen, like, any movies at all, we were missing a lot of the context which really helps the scenes to be all, "Awwwwwwww!" But we did get to borrow former RS president's copy of Penelope to watch later, so overall, I'd say it was a success. We didn't get anyone interested enough to watch any anime, so in that regard it might be considered a failed attempt, but we weren't expecting anything.

On the way home, Disneyland came up in conversation, and one of the girls riding with us mentioned that she saw that they'd redone It's a Small World to have Disney characters instead of cultures. We had a hard time believing this for the main reason that we'd never heard anything about it. You'd think that since we went just a month ago, we would have noticed something (the ride was closed to take down the holiday stuff, but there should have been a mention of it somewhere--they always mention everything they do, or so we thought). So we looked it up and it's true! Well, sort of true. They still have all the different cultures--they just added the Disney characters in the culture they belong to. All the pictures actually looked really cute, like Alice and the White Rabbit in the England area and Aladdin and Jasmine on one of the flying carpets.

But then there was a scene of Woody's Roundup. And we're like, "But there aren't any scenes in It's a Small World really representing the United States, except for one cowboy and one Native American in the big finale room at the end..." So we read the descriptiony things, and apparently they've added a "Spirit of America" scene. On the one hand, it could be a really good idea, but on the other hand, we still have our completely unfair bias against Pixar. It really is unfair, too, because we really like all of Pixar's movies. We just have this (potentially untrue) idea that everyone likes Pixar but thinks Disney itself is dumb.

At any rate, we have to get down to see it. We shall have to be talking to our Disneyland associates tomorrow. In the meantime, that unengagement party has us feeling very anime deprived, so I think we shall be watching more Sugar.

Today I'm thankful for having more fabric for Atsumori (I don't think I'll decide to use another fabric of a lighter yellow instead...), getting to go to the unengagement party, crepes, chocolate mousse (which was not at the party, but would have gone really well on those crepes), and fact checking.