February 5th, 2009


Hima daaaaaaaaaaa!

It would seem that we have a very bored kitty on our hands today. Right now, Oreo is sitting on my lap, but until just a few minutes ago, he was intrepidly exploring the closet. We suspect it has something to do with the cloudy weather--his warm happy spot isn't as warm and happy without the sun shining on it.

Work is still slow. I guess that's not an accurate way to describe it, since we're still working at the same speed. We're just not doing as much work. So maybe I should say "our work load is still light"? I thought of just doing that to begin with, but then I wouldn't have been able to ramble about it *grin*

That being the case, we get another long weekend tomorrow! Yay! Unfortunately, I'm noticing that lately I've had a nasty habit of dwelling on the things that bother me (I decided not to give them capital letters this time, because that would indicate that they're important to me, and the idea is to Stop dwelling on them), and I suspect that this habit is increased with lack of productive things to keep our brains occupied. So one of our goals for our long weekend is to do productive type things to hopefully give us better things to focus on. Come to think of it, working on costumes would probably fit the bill nicely. I haven't done anything since I decided I wanted to get some interfacing before cutting anything out. We come up with such valid reasons for procrastination. Maybe we'll also get to a fabric store this weekend.

Last night, we were taking out the trash when we discovered a package outside our door! Yay! It was our order from Right Stuf, containing the box set and summer special of Little Snow Fairy Sugar, or however they want that title to go. We decided to watch volume one that very night! And it was very adorable and makes more sense than the Tinker Bell movie. It also made me really want to have ice cream at Disneyland with their fancy waffle cones. Sadly, Turmeric was not in volume one, though. Oh well, we'll just have to watch volume two! I think I had more to say about Sugar, but I can't remember any of what it was. Oh well again.

Today I'm thankful for adventurous kitties, getting our Sugar DVDs, having extra free time for artistic endeavors, having a ride to the unengagement party on Saturday, and pink blankets.