January 22nd, 2009


Unengagement Party

All the thoughts are whirling around in my head! Aaaaaaaaahhhhh!

Let's see. What did I want to talk about? Well, last night we got an e-vite to an un-engagement party that a girl from the ward is having. These kinds of things tend to make us nervous, because of our natural fear of people and all the other crazy issues we have, but when we read the invitation, we thought it sounded really fun. It's kind of like a pity party for all the girls in the ward who aren't engaged, and only fictional males are allowed. As girls who tend to get a bit obsessive about fictional male characters, we thought it sounded perfect!

Of course, that's where it gets tricky. Of course all our favorite fictional men are from anime and manga, so we want to bring some of our DVDs (since the invitation said to bring something to share). Stuff like Fushigi Yuugi, Pretear, Haruka, Princess Tutu, Fruits Basket. Oh, and Host Club, of course. We're hoping that people won't be opposed to reading subtitles like they are in some places I could name. But on the other hand, would we still be willing to share our pretty pretty fictional boys if they were dubbed? We're... actually pretty sure we wouldn't. Hm. In that case, we'll just enjoy what everyone else brings, and maybe we'll be able to set up a time to get together with people who are okay with subtitles.

They also said we could bring a book to read an excerpt from, so it will be a good opportunity to promote I Hate You More Than Anyone! Yay! But unfortunately, we don't have the series memorized, so I wonder if we might ask lyschan for ideas of good excerpts to share?

Not much else to talk about. We've been getting trickles of word from work. Like this morning, we finally got volume 24 of Negima to translate. We've been dying to get it and flip to the back to see what the lexicon is like, but alas, it's another five-pager. Oh well. We can take it! And our former boss e-mailed to let us know that some people think we're the best translators they've had on Negima ever, and they've had a lot! Normally I'd keep that to ourselves, but I feel like blowing my own horn today. Hopefully we can keep up that level of quality.

Today I'm thankful for Negima praise, being invited to an un-engagement party, getting another book to translate, cute envelopes that are just the right size to fit one volume of manga (unfortunately, we had to mangle it to get it open *sniffle*), and the Oborososhi arrangement of Niji.