January 21st, 2009



We ordered three copies of volume one of I Hate You More Than Anyone today! But so far only two people have shown interest, and one of those people hasn't said for sure if she's going to get her own! So there's still time, if one person wants FREE MANGA!!, just comment and ask!

We ordered the manga from Kinokuniya, and they're always so good about everything. Whenever they see you getting more than one copy of the same thing, they ask to make sure you wanted multiple copies. We ordered the books at Kinokuniya instead of Right Stuf for a few reasons. First, we don't really like supporting a company who tells translators not to apply if they're not comfortable translating hentai, so if we can get something somewhere else, that's what we prefer to do. Second, Kinokuniya has shipping ninjas--they get stuff to you superfast!. And third, Hoshi wa Utau 4 came out on Saturday, and some Kinokuniya stores got it in today, so we had to make an order anyway. Unfortunately, we were distracted and rushed at the time we made the order, so we forgot to check for a few things, including looking into some things for badtzphoto, but we'll need to get more Haruka manga soon, we're thinking, so we promise to do better next time!! We're sorry we forgot about you!!!

In other news, apparently people keep asking Mom why we're not buying a house, since we made enough money last year to be able to afford it. But that's assuming we keep making the same amount, and we're not entirely sure that's going to happen this year. In fact, we're pretty sure it's not (not that we'd be upset if it did), which is why we're mostly focusing on saving right now. Saving, and potentially going to Anime Detour in April, and going to Comic Con in July. Ugh, I hate traveling; why are we trying to do it so much?

Athena says it's because we live in the middle of nowhere, away from all the conventions, which is another reason we're not thinking of buying a house. At least not here, anyway. That's the thing people who keep asking us about buying a house don't seem to be considering--the idea that if we do buy a house, it won't be in Fresno. And I really would prefer it not to be in Fresno, because frankly, I hate having to drive four hours to and from Disneyland.

Changing the subject again, somewhere along the line, it was decided by Celeste, Sarah, and/or one (or both) of their husbands that we would all be getting together for Family Home Evening on Monday nights. (I didn't get to talk about it yesterday because I was busy plugging I Hate You♥.) So that's what we did on Monday. The activity this time: Dance Dance Revolution! It was really fun, and Athena and I danced to a song of difficulty six, and afterwards I had such a hard time breathing, I wondered if I had developed an allergy to moving. But then I had a cinnamon roll and got my second wind, and it was awesome. It would have been more awesome if everyone had participated with DDR (some people chose to play cards instead, and it felt kind of awkward with two different things going on), but maybe it will be more unified next time.

And now we're listening to our shiny new Oborososhi CD, because we have finally retrieved all our packages from the post office, and hopefully now that we've done that, the mailperson will start bringing all our packages to our apartment. That would be nice.

Today I'm thankful for having cereal to eat tomorrow, having all our packages, the opportunity to help Celeste, Disney princess and WALL-E tissue boxes, and product request forms.
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