January 20th, 2009


Plugging away

I think we've been a little too distracted with other things to make certain connections lately. Connections like, "Huh, they're pushing back the release date for another volume of I Hate You More Than Anyone. ...wait, does that mean the series is in trouble!?" We finally made that connection this morning, and so today we are launching our Save Sekaichi Campaign!! (Sekaichi is short for the Japanese title, "Sekai de Ichiban Dai-Kirai," and we used it because we like alliteration.)

The idea is to spread the word about I Hate You More Than Anyone, create interest, and hopefully get more people to buy it. And hey look! It just so happens that Right Stuf is having a sale on manga from DC Comics! What wonderful timing!! And if you order with all your friends, you can save on shipping! Here's a summary of the first volume, which is pretty accurate, except we're not entirely sure we agree with the "irresistibly cute" part. Of course we think she's cute, because we think a great many things are cute, but I don't know about the irresistible part.

Aaaanyway. Summaries usually don't give you much of an idea of whether or not the telling will be entertaining, so let me see if I can play that up a little more (I'm actually not very good at that kind of thing, though, so don't get your hopes up). Well... we like it, and it's really funny, and even though it disguises itself as a regular high school romantic comedy thing, you have people shooting each other (with guns and arrows!) and one girl who has spirits that come out of her mouth that she uses as weapons (which are quite versatile). If that doesn't have you curious... then maybe you're just not a very curious person. Eheh.

Anyway, those of you who have read it and liked it, please feel free to comment with testimonials. We were given this series to translate after a year of poverty--it practically saved our livelihood! (Didn't you get Hockey Club at the same time?) (Shut up! You're ruining our pity play!) (I'm just trying to be honest...)

Well, I think I failed at the playing it up thing, but we do have another card up one of our sleeves. We are prepared to buy a volume one of this series for the first three people who comment on this entry and ask for one! That's right, FREE MANGA!! We'll even pay for shipping! The only obligation is that you share it with all your friends who might like it. And if you don't like it, you can give it to someone else, and maybe they'll like it! We would do this for even more people, but alas, we are not made of money.

It's a really awesome series, and we think it deserves more love. Please give it a chance! Do it for Batman!! (See, 'cause it's DC Comics...? Well, it was worth a shot.)

Today I'm thankful for plans to go to the post office tomorrow, getting to play DDR last night, Astro and Charmy, the cinnamon rolls Celeste and her husband brought, and Maki Sugimoto♥