January 18th, 2009


And now I have to think of a subject line.

Today is a day when I have a lot on my mind, which always makes it tricky to update LJ, because I'm never sure how much of that I want to blog about, or whether or not I'd be able to make any sense of it in type. So instead, I'll just talk about our day and see what gets rambled about.

Church was good, as always. There were more TVs in the library than usual, which was kind of bad, because there's not very much space in there as it is, and since TVs are on big cart thingies so they can be rolled around, they take up a lot of it. They're all along the back wall in front of a bunch of shelves that mostly contain Church magazines and sheet mow, it's possible that it was, but I wasn't paying enough attention as I searched to notice. Epimetheus.

Relief Society was a little hard to get through, because it was kind of on eternal families, and when your parents are divorced, that's kind of a painful subject. But we managed to calm ourselves down afterwards, and then we went directly to Mom's house.

Mom had told us she has trouble dealing with Kimee. It happens, personalities clash, and all that stuff. So we had offered to come over and spend time with Kimee if Mom ever needed us to, for two reasons. One, giving Mom a break would hopefully help her to distance herself from the girl, calm down, and realize that people aren't always as bad as they seem when you're too close to the situation. And two, hanging out with Kimee gives us a chance to mold her into an anime/video game fan, bwahahahaha. This hope was strengthened when we started playing Dissidia Final Fantasy, which made us really want to play Final Fantasy IX again, but we realized we don't really have time for that... unless Mom wants us to play with Kimee, who might enjoy playing it with us!

So I guess they figured that since it's football season and all the boys would be watching that, it would be good to have us over to provide some non-sporting entertainment for the people who weren't so interested. As it turned out, Final Fantasy IX was the thing Kimee was most interested in (and we had even brought DS games!), so that's what we did! Yay! And we decided that the daggers Zidane uses in Dissidia are mage mashers. And everything went pretty well, except for the fact that we're rarely assertive enough to say things like, "Hey, we just came straight from church and we could really use something to eat..." so there was a little bit of low blood sugar, but we were nice anyway (we hope).

We also found out that Steve wanted to be mentioned in LJ, and that's why the following unusual event occurred on Monday. We were sitting there, playing Lego Star Wars, when there was a knock at the door. It was before we were assertive enough to e-mail our boss-type people, so we still hadn't heard much about work, but we were really hoping it would be someone delivering us manga to translate. We weren't expecting anything, though, so it took us a few seconds to even think it might be that. I open the door, and there's Steve, who handed me a piece of card stock and said it might help temporarily. I had no idea what on earth he might be talking about, until my brain finally snapped out of Lego Star Wars and back into the real world, and I realized it was a calendar. He had read the entry where I was talking about our need for a calendar, and decided to do something to help. Our week has actually been fairly eventful, though, so it kind of got lost in the shuffle. But there it is now!

And now we're home and this entry has taken a long time to type, because that's what happens when I have things on my mind. But now we can go watch I Dream of Jeannie! Yay! Today I'm thankful for french bread pizzas, getting a chance to play Final Fantasy IX (hopefully the next time will come soon enough that we don't have to start all over from the beginning yet again), library adventures, that episode of The Law of Ueki with Sano and Rinko fighting (it's very silly, but we like it!), and having another chance to look at the pretty print we bought for Aurora.