January 12th, 2009


Taking it slow.

Wow, today's been kind of longer than it seems. We finally got back to work today, which was very very happy, but we're taking it slow, because we still don't have any official deadlines, except for the one thing that's due at the end of March. Maybe we'll actually e-mail people and ask. I had vague intentions of doing that today, but then when we had hardly any e-mail and nobody had updated LJ, I was afraid it might be a holiday. A quick Wikipedia check let us know that no, Martin Luther King Jr. Day isn't until next week, but either loss of momentum or apathy (most likely the latter) led to us not e-mailing people anyway.

So we stopped working a little bit early, because we're taking things slow, yes, but also because we have a column due tomorrow night, and we figured it'd probably be good to work on it, especially because once again we have no idea what to write about, and we figured it would take a long time to come up with something. We were very correct in that assumption, as two and a half hours later, we still have nothing. I feel like we've been kind of isolated lately, and that that has a lot to do with the lack of ideas. That doesn't make a whole lot of sense, though, since we were at Disneyland with people and stuff. Ah well, hopefully something will come to us in time to write a good column.

In an effort to come up with ideas, we went and checked honyaku_dojo, the community we started a long long time ago in an effort to help people improve their translation skills but failed to keep up with because we're slackers or something, and found this lecture on territory of information. It was fun to go back and read it again, and it made me think, "Man, why can't I be this cute anymore?" even though I do think I can be pretty darn cute these days--I just haven't been feeling cute lately. Unfortunately, our column at Manga Life isn't really directed at people who are trying to learn Japanese or how to translate, so I don't think it would be appropriate to just send a copy over to Park and have him post it there. So that's why I linked to it here instead, because I think it's cute and want to share. Plus it's informative!

In other news, we're in desperate need of a new calendar. I keep looking up at the wall for reference on what day of the week it is and how that relates to the rest of the month, but we still have our old calendar up, so at best it's like, "Well that's no help," and at worst I think the days for December 2008 are the days for January 2009, and it just makes things confusing. They had some 2009 calendars for sale at Disneyland, but we didn't buy one because we weren't sure if it was the right size, and the pictures were kinda cute but not really all that great. Athena went through and found a bunch of pictures so we could print our own calendar, but alas, we are out of all color ink except potentially yellow, and that would just be weird--an all (pale) yellow and black calendar. I read once that yellow and black are like a warning light, so we'd feel like we were in danger all the time or something. That wouldn't be any fun.

Today I'm thankful for getting to work today, nostalgic explanations of Japanese, Sarah following through and setting up a Jamba Juice night with Celeste, vitamin C, and (usually) having the presence of mind to realize that the calendar on the wall doesn't actually have today's date (except for the liiiiiittle tiny thing in the corner).