January 10th, 2009


Back in "real life"

Things have been a little extra interesting since we got back from Disneyland. First of all, we'd had a package slip for a loooong long time (or a week, to be exact). We didn't discover it until Sunday because we didn't get the mail on Saturday, and even though our apartment office is open on Sundays, we prefer not to make other people work on a day when we refuse to work ourselves, so we waited until Monday to go get it. It was then that we discovered that the package was not in our apartment's office but at the post office. We felt a little dumb for not checking the package slip close enough to figure that out before bothering the people at our office, but then we looked closer at it and realized that the slip didn't really say where the package was. Although it did say it would be available for pick up, so I guess we could have figured it out from that.

Anyway, we were already worried about inconveniencing people over Disneyland, so we didn't want to bother anybody to take us to the post office until after we got back. So we finally went and picked up our package yesterday, and now we have our shiny Gurren Lagann t-shirts, because Cospa decided to release them a month early. Yay!

The bad news is that when we checked the mail a couple of hours later, there was another package slip, and this one was more specific and told us for sure that it's at the post office. We saw the mailman after we got back from the post office, so at least it wasn't as bad as it could have been. If the mail had arrived before we left, and we just didn't check it then, that would have been much worse I think. Ah well, we'll figure it all out.

In the meantime, the other thing that happened when we got back from Disneyland is that we noticed the faucet in our bathroom sink was still dripping. This was another thing I noticed before we left for Disneyland, and I just kind of hoped it would stop while we were gone. No such luck, so off we went to report it. And now it's all fixed because our maintenance team is the best ever, but it's going to take some getting used to. When we moved in, our faucet was backwards somehow, so even though it said to turn the handle to the left for hot water and to the right for cold, it was the other way around. And that's how we've been using it for four years. Now it works the way it's supposed to, but it's easy to forget. Fortunately, the temperature doesn't change all that suddenly.

We played through Zidane's story in Dissidia Final Fantasy and were pleased that he was pretty much in character the whole time. (But we still wish he was played by a guy.) I know I should trust Square-Enix more than that by now (I don't think even Disney handles Disney characters as well as they do these days), so I'll just say the casting choice threw us off. And then we played through Bartz's story and I was amused that they made him a mime. I'm sure that will work wonders to improve his reputation in the States </sarcasm>. At least he's not a bard, Athena points out. We actually like bards, but we're weird like that. We think Edward just gave bards a bad name. Not all bards are like Edward!

Today I'm thankful for properly working faucets and the mental challenges they present, Job Master Bartz, having our shiny new Gurren Lagann t-shirts, actually finding all the secret items at Mos Eisley Space Port, and going against my whiny "I don't wanna re-ead" side and reading manga anyway.