January 9th, 2009


Yo-ho, yo-ho♪

One of these days, we'll either start exercising or go to Disneyland frequently enough that walking all day doesn't knock us out afterwards. That hasn't happened yet (of course), so I'm pretty sore from the trip still, but at least we're awake and alert. We'll probably be spending a good deal of the day playing Dissidia Final Fantasy and get back to work next week. But for now, I have a trip to blog about!

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And that took much longer than I'd expected. Seriously, every time we go to Disneyland, I think I won't have much to write about (I even thought that after we got back this time), and yet there ends up being so much. Just goes to show that there's always something worth talking about at Disneyland.

Today I'm thankful for finding those t-shirts with the Tokyo Disney designs, discovering the Art of Disneyland gallery, Asimo being adorable, awesome character portrayals, and pirate treasure.