December 30th, 2008


So many decisions

Today is a day of utter indecisiveness. First of all, we got a catalog from Woodwind & Brasswind in the mail today, and they're having a winter sale! They have a deal where you can buy a student flute for $350 and get a free piccolo! How cool is that? But we're kind of worried about spending too much money, what with all the emergency preparedness talk lately, and even if we did get a flute and a piccolo, when would we ever practice them, seriously? Unless we Resolved to practice them, then we'd make time. But it's tricky, because when one of us is practicing, what's the other gonna do?

On the other hand, we also discovered that such a thing exists as a silence system for brass instruments, which is a thing that lets you practice a brass instrument (probably the kind with the most potential to drive everybody completely insane with practicing until you can play a decent tune) silently! Without bothering anybody else! It's brilliant!! I don't know how they work, but I want one. And then if one of us was practicing the brass instrument, since the silence systems tune out outside noise for the person practicing, we could easily both practice different instruments at once! Except, once again, would we really find the time to do it? We just have too many other things to do.

So instead we decided to focus our ambitions on cosplay instead. Maybe. See? The indecisiveness!! Oh, the indecisiveness!!! But we have Resolved to get to a fabric store.

In the meantime, we have redirected our attention to the shininess that is Dissidia Final Fantasy, despite not having gone anywhere to get a memory stick. Why? Because when we were messing with the PSP to see if we could download the Final Fantasy themes from the Dissidia website, we got a message that indicated that if we had just left the game inside the PSP, we might have been able to start where we left off, despite not having saved it at all, like how when you stop a DVD in the middle, you can just hit play again and it will pick up where it left off. So we decided to experiment with that, and lo and behold, we can! But we still feel like we're doing something wrong by playing without saving, so we really want to go get a memory stick before playing any more. And thus the indecisiveness returns, because I can't decide if I want to call anyone for a ride or not. And then I can't decide if maybe it would be better to take advantage of some of our other shiny new stuff (or shiny not-so-new stuff, in the case of some DVDs and manga we've had for ever) before getting completely absorbed in this one game.

Still, that flute/piccolo deal seems pretty neat. So many decisions.

Today I'm thankful for not having to start over to get all the extras in Final Fantasy V despite having to beat the game to unlock them, Bubble Yum cotton candy flavored lip balm, pina colada chocolate "oranges," beating FF5 last night (I think it might be among my favorite FFs), and deals on flutes and piccolos (regardless of whether or not we end up taking advantage).