December 29th, 2008


Weddings abound! Or something.

So we've been away from LJ for a couple of days, which I think is probably not entirely a good thing, because it's possible that neglecting the gratitude journal aspect has only contributed to the general feeling of blah that's been going on. Dad's been staying with us, and last time, he and his wife would be talking amongst themselves in the guest room, which gave us an opportunity to post, but this time he came by himself so we felt more like it would be rude to shut ourselves up in our room. Though come to think of it, I guess we could have updated after he went to bed, but that was such a good time to play Lego Star Wars. We actually didn't even turn the computer on once on Saturday. Oh well, we've suffered the consequences, I guess.

Anyway. Collapse )

My thoughts don't seem to quite be connecting properly anymore, which is a good time for some fangirling! Or not, but I did want to mention the shiny present we bought for ourselves. We ordered Dissidia Final Fantasy and the shiny special edition PSP that matches it from Play Asia. Unfortunately, DSes and the PS3 lured us into a false sense of security and we forgot that with Playstation, you need some form of memory device. And thus we are missing a memory stick and cannot save our progress. But we played it a little anyway and oh, it is shiny. And now we know what to buy with the Game Stop gift card Athena got from Celeste and her husband. Now we just need to get to Game Stop...

Today I'm thankful for the chocolate covered pretzel sticks Dad got for everybody, the shiny that is Dissidia Final Fantasy, having a shiny new PSP that we can hook up to the PS3 and thus play on the TV (we think--they won't let us try it without a memory stick), having a gift card to buy a memory stick with, and getting to spend time with family this weekend.