December 24th, 2008


Merry Christmas Eve!!!

Wow, it's like, Christmas Eve and stuff. It really did kind of sneak up on us this year. Last night, we watched the one movie we have to watch every Christmas: Muppet Christmas Carol. And when I say we have to watch it, it's not out of any sort of obligation--just that it happens to be our favorite Christmas movie Ever, and last night we realized again why that is. We normally like to watch it on Christmas Eve, because that's when it starts to take place, but we weren't sure what kind of schedule we'd be having (our schedule is kind of at the mercy of everyone else's), so we watched it a day early. And if we end up watching it again, I'm certainly not complaining.

It's interesting how when you're told a story from the time you're very little, you think you know it so well, but then you watch it when you're older, for the millionth time, and you still realize things you missed. This time, I realized that Scrooge actually had a really good reason to hate Christmas. Before I guess I kind of thought of the whole "Christmas Past" segment as just a way to complete the set. Why would you have Christmas Present and Christmas Yet to Come without also having Christmas Past? That's just silly. And then I started to kind of vaguely realize that the point is to explain why Scrooge doesn't like Christmas so much. And yet it wasn't until this time that I realized he had a very very good reason.

The significance of this is that, regardless of how good a reason you have, if you're a jerk about something, people are still going to be happy when you're gone. This is something I need to remember. And then the story juxtaposes that with Tiny Tim, who has a very good reason (or several) to just be miserable about life in general, but is just happy and thankful about everything. And that brings me back to gratitude, which I felt was really awesome because of my newfound appreciation for Thanksgiving this year. It was actually really interesting to note how many times they emphasized the importance of a thankful heart in that movie. Such a good movie. Wow.

I'm actually not entirely sure what our plans are for the next day and a half... or really, until Monday, what with the wedding on Saturday. We do know the gist of it, though. We'll be joining Mom for Christmas Eve festivities later today, and then Christmas festivities starting early tomorrow, but lasting for we don't know how long. As long as we're all having a good time, it's not important. But with the newlyweds, soon-to-be-newlyweds, and custody arrangements, the logistics are all kinds of crazy, since just about everyone has two families to be spending time with. Dad will be arriving on Friday night, and there'll be a wedding the next day, and after that... who knows? But it's nice when life has surprises, right?

Anyway, since I don't know when we'll be getting back tomorrow (or whether or not our Christmas presents will keep us away from the computer regardless of what time we're here), I'll just wish everyone a merry Christmas now! So


Or if you prefer,


Or even,


(and Wednesday, of course)

And again, just because we like it,


Today I'm thankful for getting to watch one of the bestest Christmas movies ever last night, having people like Scrooge learn the hard way so I can learn by example, Muppet DVD menus (we really need to get the Muppet Show DVDs...), the awesome^10 songs in Muppet Christmas Carol, and having a decent understanding of mathematics.