December 23rd, 2008


Happy December 23rd!!

I'm updating Live Journal now because I have a giant cat pinning me to my chair after working on (but not finishing, eheh) an e-mail to our Japanese penpal. So what all happened since our last update?

Oh, yes. We managed to get our printer to print with black. There are two things we did, and we're not entirely sure which one was the hero, but I suspect it was updating the drivers. If not, it's that we just used up all the yellow ink too, and since the printer knew it didn't have much blue left, it figured it might as well start using the black after all. And out of the whole process, we got about eight postage samples, some real postage, and an all blue and black picture of Kingdom Hearts' Sora printed.

And now Oreo's claw has just stopped digging into my arm... and just started again. Ouchie. Incidentally, I've actually been saying that out loud a lot lately, ouchie. I'm not sure why, but it's become a habit.

Christmas is just two days away, and one of our little sisters is driving us crazy. Mom called us yesterday and asked if we'd gotten Celeste's present yet (she was there when we bought it--I don't know if she really didn't know (we didn't really tell her what we bought for whom) or if it was just for show), because Celeste was right there, having just finally figured out what she and her husband really want us to get them. Sigh. When you try really hard to get people the perfect present, this kind of thing is not good, especially because what she wanted was not what we got her. It wouldn't be a problem if we were confident that what we got was better, but we're never confident about that kind of thing these days. We just don't get enough time to interrogate people, I'm afraid. Ah well.

On the bright side, we got all our presents wrapped! Well, except for one that has yet to be made, and one that's intangible. And the one we got ourselves. That one was wrapped in a big bag by UPS. We had a really easy time forgetting it was even coming until it, you know, came. And now it's sitting in the living room, taunting us. But not on purpose, I'm sure--something that shiny couldn't be too mean-spirited. We usually forget it's there, because we have plenty of other distractions, but sometimes we remember and have to suppress the urge to tear it open on the spot.

Anyway, we were just talking, and we realized that regardless of whether anyone celebrates a day as a holiday, it's never a bad time to wish someone happiness. So happy December 23rd, everyone!

And now we have to be brave and do laundry. Today I'm thankful for getting our printer to use the black ink, those really good Cheez-its we just had (Oreo got off my lap so we took a break), having enough wrapping paper, having a new play room for the kitties (full of wrapping paper), and the really pretty clouds outside.