December 22nd, 2008


Green. It's the new black.

It's not even twelve-thirty and already the day has gone completely not according to plan. Our idea was to print out the postage that we need so we can put stuff in the mail either today if we were feeling extra productive or tomorrow if we weren't. But lately, our printer has decided that it doesn't like using the black ink cartridge for printing things in black, despite its having much more ink, and instead likes to use the color cartridge. It wouldn't be much more than an annoyance (wasting color ink), but the the color cartridge has recently run out of red ink. So whenever we try to print in black, we end up printing in green. Maybe the printer is trying to get us into the Christmas spirit, since we don't have a tree or any decorations?

It's a very pretty shade of green, so we don't mind it so much (except for the ink-wasting aspect), but we're not sure it would be wise to print postage in a color other than black. So we went to the printer options and set it to use only the black ink cartridge, and we tried to print our postage. And a message popped up telling us that our postage will be printed using the color cartridge. Why, printer? Why? So I canceled the printing and find out that it charged me for the postage anyway, which would have been fine if our attempts to reprint had not also been thwarted.

We looked through all the printer tools and options and stuff, and we ran some tests, and it seems to be working fine except that it refuses to just use the black cartridge. Maybe it's because postage isn't plain paper. Still, why not just use black to print black? We can't figure anything out, but we did decide it's about time we defragment our hard drive. We don't know if it will help anything as far as printer ink is concerned, but we haven't done it in a long time (if ever, since we got this computer... we are bad computer owners), so we figure it ought to be done anyway. And in the meantime, we'll face our claymation fears and finally watch The Nightmare Before Christmas, quickly, while it's still daylight out.

Today I'm thankful for the pretty shade of green our printer has been using, the "print sample" option on, having a bunch of free time with which to do computer maintenance type things, having all our translations backed up just in case, and having plenty to do while our computer is busy.
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