December 19th, 2008

kid flash

Holiday sparkles

First of all, even though she probably already left work and therefore is not likely to see this, happy birthday chibidrunksanzo! We hope today was totally awesome!

While we did have a bit of woe yesterday, that's not really why we decided to follow President Uchtdorf's advice for when you're feeling kind of crummy (to serve others and/or create something). We had actually been feeling a bit rarful the night before that for no discernible reason, so we figured, since we have about a bazillion things we think it would be super awesome to pursue but haven't since we're so busy playing Final Fantasy and other video games, and a couple of those are things we could do without having to go to, for example, a fabric store, we thought we might go about pursuing them. We decided to start small, and thus we both practiced various aspects of Melodies of Life, I on the piano, and Athena with the singing.

I think I can understand now why people who want to be professional musicians have to practice at least three hours a day. I usually just play for fun, so I play whatever I want, and if it went well, great!, and if not, oh well, maybe next time. Sometimes if it went too poorly and I think I should have done better I'll play a revenge match. But now, since I want to master the song, I'm trying to memorize it, and then play it perfectly, and it's going very. very. slowly. But whenever I make it through a new bar, I feel very accomplished, so it's pretty neat.

After that, we followed the other half of President Uchtdorf's advice, and bought presents for people. We were determined not to buy anything for us until we finished buying presents for the people on our list, and it was really hard at Best Buy, but we were strong! And we are definitely glad we went to a store instead of going shopping online, because we got something for someone that we think they'll really enjoy that we never would have thought of if we hadn't seen it. Oh! and before that, Mom and Steve took us out to eat, so we got pizza again! I got pepperoni this time for a little variety. And this time we also had nice warm breadsticks.

So anyway, what with the practicing and the gift-buying, by the time we got home, we had completely forgotten all our woes, and everything was bright and shiny (although we were assaulted by the usual, "But will they like it as much as I thought they would when I bought it!?" (or, as Athena puts is, " much as I liked the idea of them having it!?")). But the sparkles were far from over!

As we got to our front door, we noticed that the UPS guy had been by and left a package. We were expecting it, actually, because we got an e-mail that said that someone at Time Warner has sent us a package. We thought we knew what it was, but since we didn't recognize the guy's name (we actually have a hard time learning names, so I think I'm more right-brained than I thought; I know I'm left-handed, shut up (I don't mean that! you're a lovely person!)), we had fun with conspiracy theories. Come to think of it, it's kind of silly to do that, because the actual package was way more fun than a bomb or anthrax. Besides, if they're going to send us a bomb or anthrax, why would they tell us? Unless they're like the Joker or something...

Which is a brilliant segue, because it was from DC Comics! Have I mentioned how much I love being on DC Comics's payroll? Just like last year, they sent a card and a gift to everyone. And this year's gift was absolutely perfect! Remember about a week ago when I mentioned how I get paranoid sometimes after we've finished something that took a long time to work on, and I worry that something will go horribly wrong and we'll have to reformat our hard drive without getting a chance to retrieve the file? It's like someone read that post and thought, "It sounds like that girl could really use a flash drive." And that's exactly what we got!

We each got a 2G flash drive that has the DC Comics logo on it, and they came in leather cases with chains and a loopy thing so we can hook on to stuff like an accessory (we're fashion-challenged; we don't know exactly how it works). And! they each already have twelve DC Comics holiday wallpapers on them! Including! the picture from the Card of Super Awesome that I mentioned the other day! So you can guess what our wallpaper is now. (Although there were a couple other ones we really really liked, so I might change it soon (of course, they're all pretty great).) We were thinking, "Hey, now we don't need to scan the card!" But I think we might try anyway for two reasons. One, the wallpaper is cropped to wallpaper proportions (as opposed to card proportions, of course), so not all the picture is there, and while we don't quite understand the feminine obsession with shoes, we do think Batgirl and Supergirl's boots are adorable. Also there's no text on this version. And two, there are some people who we suspect won't be on LJ again until Monday, and we think they might like to see it, too.

Another really great thing about this gift, which is actually incredibly minor but makes a big difference, is that, despite each one being exactly the same, they each had a post-it note designating which one was for me and which one was for Athena. I don't think I can explain why, but we just really like that.

Today I'm thankful for having a flash drive and my peace of mind, getting most of our Christmas shopping done, shiny DC Comics holiday wallpapers, having time to pursue our random endeavors, and upside-down kitties.