December 17th, 2008


Reasons to smile

Sometimes there's a little thing that happens that just keeps you smiling all day. Today, we got one of those in the form of a Christmas card (or was it a holiday card? I don't remember the text) from DC Comics! And it was sooooo cute♥♥♥

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That had us pretty excited, so we even forgot to open up the new CD we got from the Classic Composers collection and find out who it is. Maybe we should do that...

In randomer news, it's clear that typing something over and over and over and over affects how you type other things later on (especially if you're not paying attention). For example, we're translating Me & My Brothers, and a character shows up named Mika, and somehow, whenever I typed her name, an N kept attaching itself to the end. Clearly Gakuen Alice is taking control.

What's even funnier is whenever we're working on Gakuen Alice, or if I'm even talking about it here on LJ, I have to correct myself dozens of times because I accidentally type "Gakuen Alive." So we were translating New Series yesterday, and, the way I type it, someone ends up saying, "No, she's still alice." (Incidentally, her name was not Alice.)

Today I'm thankful for super awesome adorable greeting cards from DC Comics, having leftover cookies to eat very very soon, getting the white mage back on the party, Oreo using my wrist for a pillow (it may be inconvenient, but it's oh so cute♥), and reasons to smile.