December 15th, 2008



Today's been fun. We worked on New Series, which turned out to go super fast. I don't know if that will keep up if they ever go into the more scientific stuff we think they might go into, but for now, you know, whatever. It was kind of funny, though, because right as we got to the part (er, one of many parts) about the apocalypse, we started hearing thunder outside and then it started coming down really really hard. We think it might have been hailing. Then it let up after a few minutes, and the sun came out almost immediately, and everything was all sparkly. It was really nice.

And so far, the UPS guy has not come to inform us about the Great Canadian Conspiracy like he did in my dream last night. Come to think of it, I don't know what the conspirators were conspiring to do--just that they had a conspiracy.

Anyway. Last night, we were reminded of the angst of our senior year of college, and I thought I might want to recount what happened here at some point, but I decided that that point is not now, and instead, I want to talk about Momogumi+ Senki.

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Today I'm thankful for sparkly weather, not having to go on the hayride tonight, fairy tale retellings, having cookie dough to bake, and getting to watch the Danny Phantom Christmas special On Demand last night.