December 14th, 2008


Blast from the past

I expect it every week, but it's still surprising how quiet LJ gets on the weekends. Further evidence for my theory that LJ is mainly used by people for two reasons: 1)procrastination, and 2)killing time at work.

Anyway. Mom invited us to dinner tonight in her usual way, which is to tell us what they're having and see if it entices us. It never ever does. But we always say that if she wants us there, we'll go, and so we always go anyway, and it all works out. Regardless, when the menu failed to impress us (as usual, eheh--no reflection of her cooking, remember we're very very picky), she decided to change it this time to refried beans and Doritos. It may not sound like much, but this is something I'm actually very excited about, partially because we haven't had it in a long time. The last time we had it was actually last Christmas (which we remember because it was Christmas). Actually Christmas Eve. We had an official Christmas dinner the next day.

It's possible, also, that it's exciting because of the nostalgia factor. Refried beans and chips was one of the meals we commonly had when everyone was all together, probably because it's so easy to fix, and all of us would eat it. We used to eat it on the fancy trays we got from MacDonald's (well, they were fancy to little kids like us). I think it's entirely possible that one of the aspects in which we never grew up was our eating habits. We still think of MacDonald's as being a relatively fancy meal, but that might have something to do with the fact that we never get out, so we're just as likely to go to MacDonald's as any other restaurant you could think of. (We still haven't been able to try streussel pancakes, but based on the plugs they did on Wheel of Fortune last week, we think there's still time. We hope.)

Today I'm thankful for nostalgic dishes, the Christmas cards we got from the Relief Society presidency, finding our Missionary: Impossible game, Momogumi+ Senki, and chances to get more hints from people about what to get them for Christmas.