December 13th, 2008


Interesting day(?)

It's been a kind of interesting day today, where interesting means a lot of stuff happened, not necessarily that all the stuff was interesting. Not that it was boring, either, just that it wasn't much to blog about. It started out with Sarah's bridal shower, where it occurred to me that either I'm going through a phase or I'm just that self-centered that I didn't think getting together to watch someone open presents was very entertaining. But it was really nice talking to people, including one of the counselors in our ward's Relief Society, who reminded us of our vague ambitions to improve the world of family entertainment (family, not children's) by writing our own cartoon or something. The ambition is very very vague though, which is why it hasn't gotten anywhere yet. We'll see if we eventually motivate ourselves.

When we got home, we decided to watch Toward the Terra, which led to us finally open the package we got from Bandai... what was it, weeks ago? Anyway, we've had it for a long time and not opened it. But we're glad we finally did, because one, now we can access the DVDs inside, and two, we've discovered that apparently Bandai's idea of packing material is not bubble wrap or packing paper or anything like that, but stuff that they're trying to get out of their warehouse. On the minus side, this means we now have two figures of Raquel from Scrapped Princess (we got one with our last order), but on the plus side, it means we now have two Haruhi Suzumiya mini pencil boards, and, more importantly, a little plushie of the ferret from Infinite Ryvius. And! it has a removable vest! It's red and adorable. (The vest is. The ferret's pretty close to white.) We're just sad because we don't remember its name. Of course, that's just a matter of a quick Wikipedia search most likely, but if anybody knows it, feel free to comment and let us know. We do remember that it belonged to the creepy girl, who also happened to be played by the same voice actress as Hare in Hare+Guu, which we find to be hilarious.

We didn't get much Toward the Terra watched, though. We got halfway through whichever episode is the first on disc three (we think it's nine) when Mom called and asked us to keep her company while she went to pick up Sarah's wedding dress from being steamed. That was pretty uneventful, too, but fun anyway. And we went by Sonic's on the way home to get ice cream.

And now I have a kitty under my feet and he is also very adorable. And I feel like I have something important to talk about involving Disneyland, but I'm pretty sure it's just my imagination. We want to go to Disneyland, of course, but that's not anything new.

Today I'm thankful for Bandai's unique packing material, having our own plushie of the ferret from Infinite Ryvius, getting more reference for Christmas present ideas, the pretty clouds we got to see today, and getting ice cream on the way home from shopping.