December 6th, 2008


Of kitties and Kielis

It has not been poor Oreo's weekend. On Thursday when the UPS guy showed up with Final Fantasy V, it was dark and I accidentally kicked him on the way to the door. Then yesterday, he jumped up on Athena's chair while she was reaching up to get something, and she didn't realize there was a cat there when she sat back down (she was only up for a second!). So he got knocked off the chair. Then to top it all off was last night, right before we all went to sleep.

Oreo had been on my bed for a long time (enjoying the heater, which was really nice but also involved Strangers coming into the apartment--not something Oreo's too fond of), but I guess he decided he was done staying there and started to leave. There's a slanted ladder from my bed to the floor, and the cats use that because the railing along the bed is too high for them to jump over. Plus Oreo is a big kitty with a bad back. Anyway, he started to climb down it, but he had hardly gotten anywhere when he slipped and fell all the way down. I blame the sheet that was hanging over it, which has since been tucked in--how many times do our cats have to get hurt before we learn to stop being sloppy?.

We turned on the light as quickly as we could to see how he was doing, but you know cats--when they're injured, they don't like to let anybody know about it. So he went off to the living room, where I caught him and discovered that he looked pretty much okay, but when I pressed (very gently) on each of his legs, he would always move away when I got to his right hind one. So when I wasn't asleep, I was so worried about whether or not he'd be okay.

Fortunately, this morning, he was feeling well enough to jump on Athena's bed asking for breakfast, and on the couch asking for us to share milk from our cereal. Later, when I pressed on his leg again, it didn't seem to bother him at all. And now he's even on my bed, which means not only is he well enough to climb, but the experience wasn't traumatic enough to keep him off the top bunk. But then again, I think under the covers on the top bunk is his comfort spot, so it might be that he's taking a mental health day. Either way, he's not moving much, so if he is hurt, at least he's probably recuperating.

In more Twin-related news, we got our comp copies of Kieli manga volume 2 today! Yay!! I've mentioned this before, but it has an excerpt from the novel, which will be coming out (we found out) this summer, also translated by us! Whee!! Our first prose translation. I'm actually pretty afraid to read it. It's just a thing I have--I'm afraid to read things I've written. Except for journal entries, for some reason. Maybe because they're more casual, and not up for scrutiny as much? Not that people couldn't scrutinize a journal, but then you can just say, "Dude. It's a journal. Get over it." It's silly, though, because we made sure to read through it and make sure it was something worth turning in before we turned it in, and we were pretty pleased with how it turned out. In fact, we're proofreading Kieli II these days, and remembering all the kinds of things we did for Kieli I (several exercises in unpassifying the passive voice), and it's kinda neat. Anyway, despite being afraid to read it, I'm sure it's turned out fine, and you can check out an excerpt in the manga of Kieli (volume 2)!

Today I'm thankful for Reading Rainbow references in Final Fantasy V (though most likely not in the original; I really wonder what they translated it from. of course, we're all for staying true to the original, but as translators, we know from experience that you can throw those things in there and still be true), Oreo and Mimsy and us all being able to walk, finally getting a chance to eat some of the peanut-butter swirl fudge we got at Disneyland (sooooooo good, and with a surprisingly low fat content!), nutrition facts, and getting our Kieli copies!